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Reusing Recycle-Air

Reusing Recycle Air

By | Eco Friendly, Packaging

As with all our product line up, our latest liner, Recycle-Air, comes with its own set of reuse options. It does not have a reflective layer so cannot be used for the same reuse purposes as the Reflective Air liners, but that doesn’t mean it can be reused any less!

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Pure Water Ice Packs

Gel Polymer: The New Fat Cake?

By | Eco Friendly, Hydropac News, Insights, Packaging

We have many environmental issues to face up to as we move into 2019; plastic in our oceans, raising further awareness of correct recycling practices for recyclable materials, reducing the amount of waste we as a nation put into landfill, and now also the fact that gel polymer is looking set to become the new “fat cake” in our sewers.

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Pre-Assembled vs Compact Packaging

By | Eco Friendly, Packaging

Here at Hydropac we supply both compact packaging that you assemble upon receipt/requirement (such as our Reflective Air Bags ) and rigid, pre-assembled packaging (such as our Polystyrene Boxes ) – there are pros and cons to both, but self-assembly packaging is certainly leading the game of late!

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Does Your Packaging Tantalise The Tastebuds?

By | Packaging

There are many well known food brands that we recognise purely on the strength of their logo and packaging; knowing the brand and being attracted by the packaging make half the battle in persuading a consumer to pick your product off the shelf, so it’s key to consider this when looking to design new packaging.

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