EnviroCool® Officially Trademarked!

We’ve got big news….yes, EnviroCool® is now officially trademarked!!

As you can tell, we’re just a bit happy about this! We’ve seen massive success with our environmentally friendly flagship solution and being able to put the ® symbol after the EnviroCool® name is just the icing on the cake!

To celebrate, we’re making some changes to our EnviroCool® offering – all good, we assure you!

We’re dropping prices by up to 30% in places – don’t all order at once! Because of the huge enthusiasm we’ve seen for EnviroCool® and the samples we’ve been sending out, dropping the prices will provide economies of scale significant enough to share with ALL of our customers. You can see this new pricing online now when you visit the product page here: https://hydropac.co.uk/product/envirocool/

Exclusive EnviroCool® box. EnviroCool® will shortly come with a brown single wall box as standard, that has been creatively designed just for this product. It will still be possible to upgrade to the double wall box for an extra price, but we’ve found that the core EnviroCool® product is so strong that this is not necessary for the majority of deliveries.

No confirmed date for this right now, but watch this space…

We know everyone loves EnviroCool® so by making these changes we know we can share the efficiencies gained through achieving economies in scaling up with all of our customers. The product will still deliver all of it’s eco and strength benefits with an exclusive design and at reduced prices across the board – can’t say we haven’t thought this through for our customers!

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