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Hydropac is our flagship brand and features our core range of ice packs and ice mats, available in freezer trays for those buying in bulk, or courier boxes for smaller quantities. Hydropac products enable us to offer a wide range of cold chain solutions for the food, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. We have designed and built our own specialised ice pack machinery that utilises an unrivalled dosing system.

Our ice packs are the cleanest and safest on the market; we believe in rigorous testing, including 3-stage filtration process including UV light sterilisation, before they leave our premises. Cleaner than tap water and as clean as bottled spring water, we’re confident that both these and our gel ice packs will be the perfect solution to your chilled packaging needs! We can also provide a full cleanliness and safety certification for every single order leaving our factory!

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Centred Pharmapac logo

Our Pharmapac range of temperature controlled packaging solutions offers confidence and reassurance to Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Logistics companies with a need to transport temperature sensitive products whilst maintaining the desired cold chain for an extended length of time. This includes shipping drugs or vaccines with a low thermal mass that need to remain at a constant chilled temperature.

Our Pharmapac range offers confidence and reassurance to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnical and Logistics companies.

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Medium Freshpac logo

Our Freshpac Range offers a wide range of perfect chilled food solutions for retailers wishing to send products, fresh or frozen, with confidence through the postal or courier network whilst maintaining the required cold chain.

Products included within the Freshpac range of insulated shipping systems include our thermal cool bags and our full insulated shipping boxes, which are constructed using our unique and exclusive ‘mitred-seal’ corner system technology. This means they are extremely strong and offer unrivalled cushioning protective qualities!
All the frozen and chilled packaging solutions in the Freshpac range are certified food grade safe.

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About Hydropac

We offer endless possibilities for personalised cooling products for retailers, medical & pharmaceutical companies, licence holders and promotional markets, as every product across each range can be tailored to specific requirements. This includes the addition of logos, coloured ice packs and specific wording as required.

We have a large portfolio of insulated packaging and cooling products alongside the temperature controlled packaging solutions included in our Hydropac, Freshpac & Pharmapac ranges; we also offer bespoke products such as drink coolers, ice mats, shaped ice packs and food coolers with the ability to custom make products to your specification without additional tooling costs.

As we work as a silent manufacturing partner for a number of retailers across Europe, you may well already be stocking our products without knowing it. This is down to our years of experience in producing unique and innovative retail products for high street chains!

Bespoke Requirements

We welcome collaboration with anyone wishing to work with us on developing a unique offering of cooling products, all tailored to your own bespoke requirements with digital or flexographic printing available to further tailor to your theme. If you have a product idea or would like a quotation for your own label product, please give us a call discuss the many options available!

  • Complete range of shelf ready packaging available in a range of sizes
  • All ice packs are burst strength tested to over 200kg
  • BS compliant
  • Wide range of recyclable temperature controlled packaging and boxes across each range
  • Always working on refining and enhancing our existing products, as well as bringing new, eco-friendly solutions to the market

Dukeshill have always found Hydropac to be a very competitive, responsive supplier and the quality of the goods we buy from them is excellent

Dukeshill Ham Co. Ltd

Gousto rely on Hydropac for our coolant solution, the quality and level of service is second to none


We have used Hydropac for a quite a few years and the service has only improved year on year. They are always looking out for our best interests. I would strongly recommended Hydropac and their products to anyone

Anthony Rowcliffe & Son

A big thanks to you personally and all at Hydropac for providing the chilled transport container (as insulin has to be kept refrigerated in transit and when stored in the home).
There was actually still plenty of solid ice in it!
My Pharmapac Genesis 3 box left Gatwick on Monday night - flew to Paris to catch the DHL plane to their Caribbean hub in Panama - from where it flew early this morning to Barbados and from where I collected it at noon - just 48 hours! A real life saver!
Thanks again for all your help and advice, Paul Fildes

Paul Fildes - End consumer