The largest manufacturer of ice sheets in the UK. Producing a market leading 15 million Ice Packs in 2016. Offering the purest, cleanest, strongest standard range of gel packs, water ice packs and phase change materials available.


The Freshpac product range, offers the perfect solution for food retailers, resellers and manufacturers, wishing to send small or large, fresh or frozen items, through the ambient courier network, whilst maintaining the cold chain.


The Pharmapac product range protects temperature sensitive shipments; drugs and vaccines with a low thermal mass, for extended periods, whilst maintaining the required cold chain.


Personalised cooling products for retailers, licence holders, homeware producers, distilleries, promotional markets and event organisers to enhance their brand with customised products.


A product range tailored for local Pharmacies, Physio and Holistic therapists, in addition to ecommerce based Medical wholesalers, wishing to send temperature sensitive or fragile products through the courier network.

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for the distribution of chilled/frozen products

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With the largest range of off the shelf sizes and the ability to custom produce sizes and weights to your specifications, without additional tooling costs, you will not find a manufacturer this cool ever. We even work as a silent manufacturing partner for a number of our competitors, so you may well already be using Hydropac’s products to keep your products cool.

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Our Pharmapac range offers confidence and reassurance to Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Logistics companies, with a necessity to transport temperature sensitive products; ultimately drugs or vaccines, with a low thermal mass for extended periods of time, whilst maintaining the desired cold chain.

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Our Freshpac Range offers the perfect solution for food retailers wishing to send small or large items; whether fresh or frozen, with confidence through the postal or courier network, whilst maintaining the required cold chain.

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Our Medipac range provides reassurance, innovation and practicality with a metered dose of convenience. A product range tailored for the local Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Holistic Therapists, in addition to ecommerce based medical wholesalers wishing to send product safely through the courier network.

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Our Homepac range offers but a glimpse into the endless possibilities of personalised cooling products that Hydropac produce for retailers, licence holders, homeware producers, distilleries, breweries, promotional markets and events organisers.

Our HOMEPAC portfolio features everything from large ice mats for picnic or hamper boxes, to small ice packs for packed lunches, shaped character themed ice packs for children’s cool boxes, drink cooling ice packs; for canned drinks to beers, lagers, large soft drink bottles, as well as wine or champagne bottles.

All of these items are designed to chill food and drinks to their optimal serving temperature faster than a household refrigerator and unlike similar products on the market, our food and drinks coolers can then maintain these temperatures for several hours.

We welcome collaboration with anyone wishing to work with Hydropac to develop your own unique offering of own label Ice Packs, themed kids lunch box coolers, can, bottle or wine coolers, all tailored to your own bespoke requirements with digital or flexographic printing available to further tailor to your theme.

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“'Dukeshill have always found Hydropac to be a very competitive, responsive supplier and the quality of the goods we buy from them is excellent'”

Dukeshill Ham Co. Ltd

““Gousto rely on Hydropac for our coolant solution, the quality and level of service is second to none””


“"We have used Hydropac for a quite a few years and the service has only improved year on year. They are always looking out for our best interests. I would strongly recommended Hydropac and their products to anyone"”

Anthony Rowcliffe & Son