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When it comes to ensuring your temperature-sensitive products remain in pristine condition, there’s no room for compromise. That’s where Hydropac’s water ice packs step in, setting the gold standard in freezing technology. Our commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in the creation of the strongest, safest, and purest ice packs available.

Water Ice Packs

Unmatched Strength and Durability: Our ice packs can withstand over 200kg of weight without bursting, ensuring your products stay safe during transit.

Food-Safe Assurance: Crafted from a unique material blend, our ice packs are fully recyclable and certified as completely food contact safe. Say goodbye to traditional ‘Soak and Freeze’ products that stick together when frozen.

Customisation Options: We offer custom branding options, so your ice packs can proudly display your company logo and information. Choose from a range of sizes and weights to meet your specific requirements.

Fast Delivery: Next working day delivery is available, ensuring you have the ice packs you need exactly when you need them.

Sample Service: Not sure if our ice packs are the right fit for your needs? Try a Water Ice Pack sample to experience their benefits firsthand.

Quality as Standard: At Hydropac, quality isn’t just a promise; it’s our standard. Each ice pack undergoes a rigorous 3-stage filtration process, including UV light sterilisation and chlorination control, to ensure they are the purest and cleanest available. We go a step further by sending samples from every production run to an independent laboratory for microbiological testing, providing you with full cleanliness and safety certification.

Technical Excellence

Our ice packs are a result of cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship:

Unique Material Blend: We’ve developed a material blend that delivers unrivalled burst strength and ensures your ice packs remain flexible even when frozen.

Seal through Liquid Technology: Our proprietary technology guarantees that every ice pack is filled to capacity accurately, ensuring consistent performance.

No More Sticking: Unlike traditional ‘Soak and Freeze’ packs, our ice sheets won’t stick together when frozen, providing hassle-free usability.

Transparent Materials: Our ice packs are crafted from clear materials, allowing you and your customers to see the purity with nothing hidden.

For more information regarding your purchases or future requirements, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

When it comes to temperature control solutions, trust Hydropac to deliver the best. Please take a moment to read our Safe Handling Instructions for Ice Packs in our Technical Data Section, as we hold our little creations dear and ask that you handle them with care.

From issue to a customized cooling solution

In this way we help you to guarantee the quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Water Ice Pack – 1 Pocket

Water Ice Pack – 12 Pocket

Water Ice Pack – 16 Pocket

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Cooling elements: the unmissable link in thermal packaging

Coolpack’s products are an indispensable link when it comes to thermal packaging, also known as thermal packaging. Binnen de gevalideerde thermal packaging verpakkingsoplossing worden met name koelelementen gebruikt. Met de juiste buitenverpakking kan voor een lange periode een zeer stabiele temperatuur worden aangehouden, namelijk tot een periode van 120 uur.

Om dit te realiseren kunnen de koelelementen worden gevuld met Phase Change Material (PCM). Door de hoge kwaliteit van deze vulling is het mogelijk stabiele temperaturen te behalen binnen een temperatuurrange van -65 tot +42 graden.

Indien de voorkeur uitgaat naar een flexibeler koelmiddel kunnen onze diepgevroren gelpacks ook worden ingezet om de te verzenden producten op temperatuur te houden. The gel packs can also be filled with PCM to maintain very stable temperatures for a long period.