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Hydropac proudly presents a dynamic range of Gel Packs, Ice Packs, and Hydro-Freeze Ice Packs that are not just ordinary, but extraordinary. Our temperature-controlled packaging solutions redefine the standards, setting us apart from the competition.

Picture this: Your goods journey through shipping, maintaining a consistent temperature like never before. Hydropac’s ice packs and mats ensure frozen goods, fresh delicacies, and vital pharmaceuticals stay at their prime, safeguarded throughout the voyage. Arrive at your destination with products as impeccable as they were at the start.

Our Gel Ice Packs, Ice Packs, and Hydro-Freeze Ice Packs are more than mere chill companions – they’re guardians of freshness. Unlike conventional dry-ice shipments, our specialised ice pack machinery, coupled with ‘seal through liquid’ technology, ensures maximum capacity, durability, and unique multi-pocket ice and gel mats.

We’re safeguarded by science. Our stringent quality control involves a 3-stage filtration system, UV sterilisation, softening, and chlorination. These meticulous steps create the purest, safest, and cleanest ice packs in the market. We even go the extra mile – samples from each production run undergo independent public health laboratory testing.

Eco-Forward Evolution

The environment is our ally, not an afterthought. Hydropac’s ice packs are designed for sustainability. With a remarkable burst strength of over 200kg, they can be reused multiple times. The film used to make our ice packs is LDPE-4 recyclable and can be recycled at your local supermarket, or if you are lucky by your local authority!

Every product in the Hydropac collection is a canvas, awaiting your unique touch. We can seamlessly imprint your logo and information, all without additional costs. If you’re curious about customisation specifics, drop us a line, and we’ll guide you through the process.

From issue to a customized cooling solution

In this way we help you to guarantee the quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Printed gel packs

Do you use gel packs regularly and have you ever thought about having your logo reflected?

Would you like a Gelpack printed with your company name or just a warning or instruction? This is all possible with the Coolpack. With the purchase of one box we can print in 1 color. For larger quantities it is even possible to print the gel packs in full colour.

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