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Explore the versatility and sustainability of Hydropac’s Freezer blocks, meticulously crafted to meet your cooling needs. Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our freezer blocks are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while providing reliable cooling performance. Discover the range of sizes, customisation options, and sustainable alternatives available to cater to your specific requirements.

Hydropac Freezer Blocks

Experience the flexibility of our freezer blocks with the innovative Phase Change Material (PCM) technology. With eutectic melting points ranging from 0°C to -21°C, our blocks can be tailored to maintain optimal temperatures for your products.

You can customise your cooling plates with different fills according to your needs—choose from water or gel options. The duration and efficiency of the cooling effect will vary based on the fill you select, ensuring you get precisely what you need for your unique cooling challenges.

Our freezer blocks are available in various sizes and colours to suit your preferences and applications. Standard sizes can be conveniently purchased from our webshop, offering immediate solutions for your cooling needs.

Sustainable Alternatives

Opt for sustainability with our reusable freezing blocks, crafted from standard HDPE or eco-friendly alternatives like recycled HDPE (rHDPE) and biobased materials. Reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining optimal cooling performance.
Contact us to learn more about our sustainable alternatives and explore customized solutions for your business needs.

From issue to a customized cooling solution

In this way we help you to guarantee the quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Cooling elements: the unmissable link in thermal packaging

Coolpack’s products are an indispensable link when it comes to thermal packaging, also known as thermal packaging. Binnen de gevalideerde thermal packaging verpakkingsoplossing worden met name koelelementen gebruikt. Met de juiste buitenverpakking kan voor een lange periode een zeer stabiele temperatuur worden aangehouden, namelijk tot een periode van 120 uur.

Om dit te realiseren kunnen de koelelementen worden gevuld met Phase Change Material (PCM). Door de hoge kwaliteit van deze vulling is het mogelijk stabiele temperaturen te behalen binnen een temperatuurrange van -65 tot +42 graden.

Indien de voorkeur uitgaat naar een flexibeler koelmiddel kunnen onze diepgevroren gelpacks ook worden ingezet om de te verzenden producten op temperatuur te houden. The gel packs can also be filled with PCM to maintain very stable temperatures for a long period.

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