Whether you are a farmer, manufacturer, retailer or warehouse manager, when food products need to stay chilled or frozen, you need to take measurements. In many cases, a choice is made for well-insulated cooling packaging, which is always a combination of cooling or freezing elements and an insulation packaging. Questions about the possibilities for your transport challenge? We happily think along with you!

To ship food products frozen or chilled, chilled and frozen transport facilities are often chosen. You may immediately think of a refrigerated or freezer van, but in many cases this is not the ideal outcome or it is not necessary. Besides the fact that you lose a bit of flexibility when you have to book the van in advance or depend on availability, this is also not always the most sustainable solution. After all, a lot of energy and capacity will be wasted if you cannot use the space in the van optimally. For example, if the level of your orders to be delivered is unpredictable and irregular, valuable space remains unused.

For this reason, well-insulated chilled packaging is often preferred. This has the advantage that you do not need electricity during transport (because you cool the cooling elements to the desired temperature before transport) and that you can transport your food products in a means of transport of your choice. This makes it often a more sustainable solution for chilled and frozen transport of food products. Interested in more specific solutions for your sector? Take a look at the different sub-industry pages.

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Would you like a Gelpack printed with your company name or just a warning or instruction? This is all possible with the Coolpack. With the purchase of one box we can print in 1 color. For larger quantities it is even possible to print the gel packs in full colour.

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