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Hydropac’s Pharmapac® range has been meticulously crafted to cater to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science industries. Designed for medical wholesalers, pharmacies, physiotherapists, and holistic therapists, our products ensure safe and efficient global access to crucial medicines, vaccines, and associated items. With a focus on research, innovation, and expertise, Pharmapac® guarantees secure, innovative, and cost-effective transportation solutions for pharmaceutical products, reflecting our commitment to reliability and safety.

Our comprehensive range empowers retailers to confidently send their products through courier and postal networks, granting customers the convenience of doorstep delivery. Pharmapac® is tailored precisely to meet these demands, providing exceptional protection and paramount temperature control, especially for items requiring a constant temperature. Hydropac aspires to emerge as the global leader in pioneering thermal packaging and transport solutions across the pharmaceutical, biotech, and life science industries within the next five years. Driven by vision, determination, and ambition, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation to serve our clientele better.

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In this way we help you to guarantee the quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Printed gel packs

Do you use gel packs regularly and have you ever thought about having your logo reflected?

Would you like a Gelpack printed with your company name or just a warning or instruction? This is all possible with the Coolpack. With the purchase of one box we can print in 1 color. For larger quantities it is even possible to print the gel packs in full colour.

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