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Hydropac’s Mission

Hydropac’s Pharmapac® range of temperature-controlled shipping products has been designed for medical wholesalers, pharmacies, physiotherapists and holistic therapists in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and life science industries, to enable global access to medicines, vaccines and associated products.

With research, innovation & knowledge, Pharmapac® stands for safe, reliable, innovative and cost-effective transport solutions for vaccines, medical products and pharma products. We understand that all retailers need to be able to send their goods through the courier and postal network in confidence, giving their customers the extra convenience of having their products delivered to the door.

Pharmapac® has been designed to meet these needs, with all our products offering extremely high levels of protection and, most importantly, temperature-controlled solutions for the transport of vaccines and medical products that need to remain at a constant temperature.

Hydropac’s Vision

Hydropac’s aim, drive and ambition, is to be seen as the global leader of innovative thermal packaging & transport solutions within all the aforementioned industries within the next 5 years.

Research and Development Driven

Hydropac’s aim for the Pharmapac® range is to be consistently offering our clients the latest technologies in thermal protection for their temperature sensitive products and, with our team of experts, from a diversity of engineering and design disciplines, we will ensure that our products continue to be ahead of the curve.

Focus on Innovation & Performance

We have streamlined our Pharmapac® offering with our Medipac® range, further giving our clients in these sectors the option for more thermal shipping options than ever before, all conveniently located in one place!

We will focus our resources for new concepts through innovation and knowledge, striving to ensure that all of our solutions offer the highest standards of performance, diversity of range to suit all needs, while also having the smallest impact on an organisation.

Quality Conscious

Hydropac understands that our clients need the highest level of confidence in our thermal packaging solutions and will therefore ensure we strive towards having the right accreditations and certifications in place.

All the products in the Pharmapac® range can be branded to your specifications of logo/information with no additional tooling costs, although we do have slightly different minimum order quantities for custom orders – please contact us to find out more!

Global Reach

The Pharmapac® range will have a global reach, to ensure and guarantee our clients an unbroken supply chain of thermal packaging. It is therefore critical to our clients that our products are not limited by location.

Whilst the Pharmapac® brand builds and cements its reputation in the UK, we are open to collaborative distribution partnerships around the world. Please contact us if you wish to discuss our Pharmapac® range further.