When it comes to shipping temperature-sensitive goods, precision matters. Meet our game-changing solution – the freezer packs for shipping. This innovative technology ensures that your cargo stays at the desired temperature throughout the journey, safeguarding product quality and integrity like never before.

Why Choose Pre -Frozen Ice Packs?

Tired of waiting for ice packs to freeze? Imagine having them at your disposal whenever you need. Hydropac introduces a breakthrough solution – Pre-Frozen Ice Packs, the epitome of convenience.

Why choose our pre-frozen ice packs?

Freezer Space Liberation
Say goodbye to cluttered freezers. Reclaim your valuable freezer space for what truly matters – your products. With our Pre-Frozen Ice Packs, your storage worries become a thing of the past.

Efficient Delivery Times
We understand time is of the essence. Our nationwide service ensures prompt delivery, with achievable 2-3-day lead times. Depending on your UK location, maximum 3-5 days are all it takes for your Pre-Frozen Ice Packs to arrive, uniform in freezing and untouched by distortion or splits.

Food Contact Safety Guaranteed
Rest easy knowing that every variant of our Pre-Frozen Ice Packs is certified food contact safe. Quality and safety converge seamlessly in every pack we deliver.

Sustainability: Reuse and Recycle
Our Pre-Frozen Ice Packs are not only reusable but also completely recyclable, contributing to a greener future.

Diverse Options for Your Needs
You can choose from two versatile options: Water or Gel. Each Pre-Frozen Ice Pack is meticulously frozen in Freezer Trays, ensuring uniformity and strength.

Unmatched Strength and Flexibility
Hydropac sets the industry standard. Our Pre-Frozen Ice Packs boast unrivaled burst strength, a testament to our unique material blend. They’re not just strong; they’re also the most flexible range on the market, customizable to your configuration.

Innovation in Filling Technology
Our revolutionary ‘Seal through Liquid’ technology ensures that each pack is filled to capacity, guaranteeing maximum performance. Our accurate metering system delivers packs precisely to specification, providing unmatched value.

No More Sticking Sheets
Bid farewell to the frustration of frozen sheets sticking together. Unlike traditional ‘Soak & Freeze’ packs, our Pre-Frozen Ice Packs remain separated, ready for immediate use.

From issue to a customized cooling solution

In this way we help you to guarantee the quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Products for the Hydropac Ice Packs branch

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HydroFreeze Ice Pack - 1 Pocket

HydroFreeze™ is a formula designed to phase change at -20°C. When frozen correctly and packed in a good quality insulated box, these ice packs can be used to hold frozen food at a temperature of below -12°C for approx. 24 hours.

HydroFreeze+ Ice Pack - 1 Pocket

HydroFreeze™+ is our newly developed gel formulation of the previous product and is designed to enable shipping of frozen goods for longer transit times – they will hold food at -20°C for approx. 24 hours or -15°C for approx. 36 hours.

EasiFreeze Ice Pack - 8 Pocket

EasiFreeze is designed to hold a shipping temperature of -16°C however these ice packs will freeze approximately 33% quicker compared to HydroFreeze+

Printed gel packs

Do you use gel packs regularly and have you ever thought about having your logo reflected?

Would you like a Gelpack printed with your company name or just a warning or instruction? This is all possible with the Coolpack. With the purchase of one box we can print in 1 color. For larger quantities it is even possible to print the gel packs in full colour.

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