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Package Responsibly, Use Environmentally Cool Packaging

EnviroCool® is the latest in our planet-friendly temperature-controlled packaging line up. It has been developed initially for the food industry; it is currently being tested for other product types and we will release further information in due course.

EnviroCool® is special as it 100% environmentally friendly as well as incredibly strong, as it relies on its own core instead of the strength of the outer box. It has been tested to an extreme temperature profile and surpassed all expectations.


This full sample of the EnviroCool® liner and box set has been made available for customers to test before placing a full order.

It can be ordered online for free as a one-time service per customer. There are 3 size options available; only one product permitted in any size and only 3 products total per sample basket.

Postage charges of £15.99 apply per sample order.

  • Wide range of eco-credentials; Organic, Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable and it contains up to 30% recycled material
  • Food-safe
  • Moisture resistant through its natural Kraft outer layers
  • It’s courier safe and virtually indestructible
  • Tested to a constant 30˚c for a minimum of 24hrs
  • 3 samples per order; 1 size permitted per product

Want to order the full system? Head on over to the EnviroCool® page to place your order, with next working day delivery available on orders placed before 11am.

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EnviroCool™ is the flagship product in our environmentally friendly line up of temperature-controlled shipping products and it’s easy to see why, with a whole list of Eco-credentials that gave it its name.

It is quite literally plant based, made from paper using trees controlled by the forestry stewardship council (FSC). Don’t let this fool you though, as EnviroCool™ is extremely strong, and has been tested initially with 250kg of pressure on the box. Whilst many products rely on the outer packaging for strength, EnviroCool™ draws from its inner hexagonal core, which is made entirely of Recycled materials. You can’t get more environmentally friendly than this!

EnviroCool™ has been tested to an extreme temperature profile; for further information, please see the Technical Data tab.

  • Organic, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, recycled and tough
  • No animal products or derivatives used
  • Will be collected and disposed of by all local councils with domestic waste
  • Offers excellent natural moisture resistance
  • Comes flat packed to reduce both storage and transport costs
  • 2-part system offers easy assembly
  • Incredibly strong in its assembled form


  • First to market with a wide range of eco benefits
  • Unrivalled structural strength
  • Produced entirely in the UK
  • Next day delivery available (order before 11am)

Test Data Provided Is Intended As A Guide Only, We Never Test With Food – Therefore, The Data Shown Is Regarded As Worst Case Scenario!

Specification  Size 02 Size 05 Size 06
External Dimensions (mm) LxWxH  415 x 285 x 175  600 x 335 x 235 415 x 285 x 285 
Internal Available Product Space (mm) LxWxH  380 x 250 x 140 565 x 300 x 200 380 x 250 x 250 
Internal Available Capacity (Ltr)  13.3 Ltr  33.9 Ltr  23.7 Ltr 
Weight (kg) Without Ice Packs  0.810kg  1.95kg  1.45kg 
Volume of Ice Packs Required to Achieve a Minimum 24hrs at (30˚C / 25˚C / 20˚C / 10˚C)  (30˚C / 25˚C / 20˚C / 10˚C)

2.5kg / 2.0kg / 1.5kg / 0.5kg 

(30˚C / 25˚C / 20˚C / 10˚C)

4.5 kg / 3.5 kg / 2.5kg / 1.5kg

(30˚C / 25˚C / 20˚C / 10˚C)

4.0kg / 3.0kg/ 2.0kg/ 0.5kg 

EnviroCool Performance Graphs (Tested Without Food) Download Now

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