Form, Function & More: The Benefits of Double-Walled Boxes for Temperature Controlled Food Shipments

If there’s one thing worth being in this day and age, it’s efficient. When it comes to packaging, this extends beyond the intended use alone. We know that the lifecycle of our packaging items doesn’t end at delivery – disposal is also an essential factor, and everyone’s got a responsibility to ensure any packaging is dealt with accordingly.

That’s what makes double-walled boxes so desirable these days. They’re tough, durable, thermally superior to single-walled boxes and can eventually be recycled kerb-side.

Tolerance in transit

The durability and enhanced strength of double-walled boxes means that they can be reused multiple times if required before their time is done. Moreover, that double wall adds extra protection against punctures, splits and tears than in a single walled box, so they have added tolerance when in transit.

Temperature Control Benefits

Double walled boxes are great for transporting chilled items such as food or pharmaceuticals. This is because the extra thickness of those double walls help keep the temperature constant inside for much longer than single-walled boxes.  In some cases, temperatures can be kept constant for up to 72 hours, when used with appropriate coolants such as ice packs.


Recyclability is now part of a company’s corporate social responsibility, and a key component of this is awareness of how different processes and products affect the world.

With this in mind, not only do double walled delivery boxes help to ensure that deliveries of chilled or frozen goods don’t spoil, they are also kerbside recyclable. This means that end users do not have to take them to a designated drop off point or specialist recycling plant for recycling; they can be collected with normal domestic recycling waste.

In conclusion, the added strength and overall durability of double walled boxes allow for multiple uses; the increased temperature stability means that they can be used with increased confidence for temperature sensitive goods, and there’s that added bonus of recyclability right off the kerb.

It all adds up to a near-perfect balance of function and form that can be easily disposed of correctly and makes your brand look good. What’s not to like about that!

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