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We sell packaging materials by the pallet and the crate, but we do get odd requests for smaller orders, one off samples and custom products. Whilst we do our best to satisfy all customer requests (indeed, we have just launched our new Sample Store to make the selection process easier), it is definitely more eco friendly when bulk orders are placed (and if you don’t know by now that we’re all about protecting the environment and being eco friendly, then where have you been the last few years?)


There are a number of environmental benefits to buying packaging products in bulk, including:

  • Less packaging waste – even packaging needs packaging in transit, so buying a bulk lot of product means that more items fill one pallet or crate and lessens the need for additional packaging to protect them during shipping. For example, this could be less additional packaging material inside a crate to stop the products inside from moving.
  • Less transport pollution – if you are buying in bulk enough to fulfil your packaging needs to last for a while, then you will not need to order again as quickly. This will then in turn lead to less need for courier vehicles and their pollution on the environment.
  • Less vehicles on the road – if you buy in bulk enough to fill a small van, this van can then supply these to you in one go. If you buy products in smaller quantities, then more vehicles will need to be used to transport separate orders.

In addition to these benefits, it is also cheaper to buy in bulk, as it saves extra cost at the manufacturer’s end.

Being able to supply products in bulk also enables manufacturers’ to limit their eco-footprint. Machinery can be turned on just once to produce a mass run rather than on and off multiple times. Packaging a group of items for transit after manufacture also means that they can use less wrapping than if packaging a smaller set of products.

Buying in bulk does have other benefits, too. It is often cheaper to buy in bulk as the manufacturer often gives a tiered discount when selling in multiples. It also means that they can buy components in bulk at a cheaper price, which will in turn hopefully be passed down the line.

Buying in bulk also means you will have a better supply chain to pass down the line; you are less likely to run out of stock and give better customer service to your end users.

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