3D Reflective Liners are the Ultimate Space Saving Packaging Solution

‘New year, new start’…. how many of us have heard that phrase bandied about now that 2018 has arrived?

With the coming of a new year also comes resolutions to save money, achieve better ROI, be more practical…. you name it, there’s a resolution for it, and they don’t just apply to people – what about business resolutions!

If any of yours involve being eco-friendlier, reducing costs, improving logistics or reviewing your existing protective packaging requirements, then we’ve got the answer – our Reflective Liners! These are a compact, temperature controlled packaging solution that will reduce your costs, emissions & time – but don’t just take our word for it, let’s look at the facts.

If you have a need for packaging that saves on space, both in storage and transit, these come up trumps!

  • Our 2D liner is available as a “one size fits all” system as standard, meaning it fits any size of box up to 390 x 330 x 330mm and therefore eliminates the need to stock a range of sizes in your warehouse; you can literally buy these and use them for all your orders (filling up to the maximum box size).
  • Our 3D liner is available in 4 different sizes designed for 4 of our standard box sizes
  1.  405 x 270 x 160mm (Box 2)
  2.  590 x 375 x 160mm (Box 3 – this is also the same size as a conventional EuroBox/Meat Box in solid board)
  3.  600 x 335 x 235mm (Box 5)
  4.  405 x 285 x 270mm (Box 6)

Not only do these options save on storage space (especially as they come flat packed ready for use, no need for assembly, unlike the traditional polystyrene box), they also mean you can ship more in transit; in fact, they are 92% more space efficient than using the equivalent number of Polystyrene Boxes!

Polyboxes v Liners Comparison

Quite a bit of leftover space there…perfect for reducing your transit costs, your carbon footprint and improving your cash flow!

If you have a need for temperature controlled packaging to maintain specific temperatures during transit, then again, these are your winner! They can maintain the cold chain for a MINIMUM of 24 hours (chilled or If you have a need for protective packaging, then these have the same cushioning and protective properties as bubble wrap; indeed, the fact they are flexible as opposed to a rigid structure like a polystyrene box means they give GREATER protection, as they can be wrapped around individual products for increased protection.
frozen, dependent on your ice pack selection), making them perfect for all types of food, pharma & medical shipping needs!

If you’re still not swayed, then check out our Polystyrene Box v Reflective Air Bag test, or give us a call on 01494 530182 to chat through your requirements in more detail.


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