Freshpac Chilled & Frozen ReflectiveAir System

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A revolutionary leak resistant Temperature Controlled Packaging System for Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical sectors, allowing suppliers and companies to send products through the postal network with confidence.

  • Chilled & Frozen Systems (Dependant on Ice Pack Selection) for a MINIMUM of 24hrs
  • Waterproof and leak resistant to avoid box damage
  • Cushioning and Protective Properties of the Bubble
  • Compact and high strength storage solution with up to 700 Liners per pallet
  • Low Cost Postal/Courier System
  • Reusable with a wipe clean surface

Try a sample of our Reflective-Air for free to help you experience the system with a one -time service per customer; all you pay is postage. See our Sample Store for more information.

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Hydropac are delighted to finally be able to introduce to our customers, a product that we have been longing to reveal, but due to contractual obligations with a major online food provider, have been unable to… until now.

What is a Reflective Air bag?…

They are a revolutionary water and leak resistant product to both the Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical sectors, enabling suppliers, producers, co-packers and logistics companies alike, to send products via the postal network in confidence.

The Reflective Air bags are provided in a single or double layer, heavy grade LDPE sealed bubble, sandwiched between a foil based laminate (Inside & Out), providing an extraordinary level of insulation through reflection and trapped air, at a comparatively low cost. In addition, both systems have a Self Seal Adhesive ‘Hot Melt’ strip to save unsightly and fiddly taping.

How do they Perform?…

The Reflective Air bags have been extensively tested to ensure they meet with current legislations, your logistical needs and maintaining the Chilled cold chain (2D or 3D) or Frozen cold chain (3D) over a minimum 24hr period.

Climate Chamber and customer own testing has proven, that the 2D system will perform on a UK based ‘extreme’ peak summer temperature profile for more than 24hrs and 96hrs during winter testing (held between +2˚c to +8˚). The 3D System; using the same ‘Extreme’ summer temperature profile, performed to a minimum 48hrs between +2˚c to +8˚ and in addition to a minimum of 24hrs below -12˚c, making them perfect for Frozen food deliveries.

So we urge you to test the bags for yourselves using your own product and hopefully you’ll be as amazed by the results, as we were.

So what are the 2D & 3D Variations?…

We offer this product as a 2D flat bag system in a single bubble and Single Foil laminate, which you simply spread out into the bottom of your box to form a gusseted bottom.  This is available in just the one size (Large) as we have found this size to be the best fit into a variety of box sizes, saving you the need to stock lots of different sizes.

In addition, we have also introduced a first to the UK  market, in a ready formed 3D box bottom system, using either a Double or Single layer bubble Insulate and double foil laminate, which has been developed and manufactured to fit snugly in to our own standard box sizes (Box 101, 2, 5 & 6) but of course, you may wish to have your own box size tailored for, which for a minimum commitment to 2,500 bags, we will make to order on a stock and serve basis. Both systems are provided with a self adhesive closure strip to seal the system.

2D Reflective Air Bag:

  • Available as standard, as a one size fits all system, fitting a maximum box size of 390 x 330 x 330mm.
  • This bag is available with a low minimum order quantity of just 75 bags.
  • For Bespoke sizes MOQ from as little as 2,500 Bags

3D Reflective Air Bag:

Available as standard to fit 4 of our standard box sizes, Box 101, 2, 5 & 6.

The 3D bag system comes in one of two quality combinations:


  • Standard Single Bubble & Double Foil Layer (+2˚c to +8˚) for a minimum 24hrs 
  • High Performance Double Bubble & Double Foil Layer (+2˚c to +8˚) for a Minimum 48hrs
  • Bespoke sizes from as little as 1,000 Liners


  • High Performance Double Bubble & Double Foil Layers (Below -12˚c) for a minimum 24hrs 
  • Advice Only – Use a 50% Product Weight ratio in Hydro-Freeze or Dry Ice, to maintain the correct frozen temperature.
  • Bespoke sizes from as little as 1,000 Liners

Why throw the liner away after use! – You could simply wipe clean and re-use, or….

Inspired by intended market uses for the Material we use and our customers novel suggestions, just some of the ideas for re-use.

Actual uses/current market use..

  • Used In lofts and outhouses as Insulating material stapled across beams
  • Used as Underlay for hardwood flooring.
  • Used as a Radiator reflector
  • Used as Pipe lagging
  • Used as a windscreen sun shield
  • Lining in Hot food bags/Pizza Bags
  • Used to line AKE containers/Cargo hold containers.

Customer inspired uses:

  • Insulating Animal Hutches/Beds
  • Wrap around plants to focus and intensify sunlight
  • Dead wall of a greenhouse to distribute/reflect light
  • Carpet underlay
  • Improve your suntan
  • Keeping food warm
  • Lining Food Cupboards to keep heat and cold at bay.
  • Wrapping paper, Wallpaper  – you might think we are being silly, but it actually happened!

Wish to send Fresh and Frozen in one parcel Delivery?

If sending frozen as well as fresh chilled products in one system, why not try using our Thermal Pockets inside the Reflective Air bag.  Ideal for product  separation, as well as an assured delivery method, for sending both fresh and frozen products in one box.

  • Chilled & Frozen Systems (Dependant on Ice Pack Selection) for a MINIMUM of 24hrs
  • Chilled Systems = Single Bubble / Double Foil Layers + Hot Melt Closure Strip
  • Frozen Systems = Double Bubble / Double Foil Layers + Hot Melt Closure Strip
  • Waterproof, Leak-resistant bottom – eliminates Box Damage!
  • Cushioning and Protective Properties of the Bubble, No Assembly required.
  • Compact Storage solution, up to 700 Liners per pallet
  • Low Cost Postal/Courier System
  • Wipe clean and re-use, or see multiple novel re-use ideas for the liners below.
  • MOQ of just 50 Systems for standard sizes, Bespoke sizes available for an MOQ of 1,000
  • 3D Systems Now Upgraded to Double Strength White Corrugated Boxes As Standard
  • Completely water & leak resistant solution, sealed bottom.
  • Lowest order quantity.
  • 1st to market with the 2D/3D Bag systems

We have tested our Reflective Air Bags extensively and are very pleased with their performance. So please find a selection of technical PDF files available for your download.

But ultimately, you may feel the need to test for yourselves; in fact we would urge you to do so, as no two shipments are ever the same. The systems are available in small volumes, so why not buy and test for yourselves.

Freshpac - 3D Reflective Air System (48hr Test) +2 to +8 Download Now
Freshpac - 2D Reflective Air Bag (24hr Test) +2 to +8 Download Now
FSA Temperature Control Guide Download Now