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Environmentally Cool Packaging


Envirocool® is the latest in our range of environmentally friendly packaging, the first to market that ticks ALL of the eco-boxes you can think of and then some.  Organic, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and vegan friendly, Envirocool® has been developed initially for the food industry but is due to be rolled out across our other market sectors later this year.

Available on a pre-order basis with stock due to be shipped on March 8, 2019, we’re proud of the latest in our line of packaging designed to fight waste and save the planet, allowing us and our customers to package responsibly whilst still sending food at the correct, maintained chilled temperature for a minimum of 24 hours.

To give Envirocool® a try, simply place a pre-order via our website and let us know what you think – we bet you won’t find a better product that works and ensures you’re doing more than your bit to save the planet!

Features & Benefits

  • Food safe – We’ve tested Envirocool® to an extreme and constant 30˚C temperature profile for a minimum of 24hrs and proved it to maintain the chilled cold chain (+2- to +8)
  • Organic – it’s made entirely from paper, giving it plant power like no other packaging on the market today! It’s also produced using trees controlled by the forestry stewardship council (FSC)
  • Recycled – it contains up to 30% recycled content, giving new meaning to the word “reuse”
  • Biodegradable – as above, paper is totally biodegradable, and even if it isn’t recycled correctly the unbleached fibres will ensure that even by breaking down into the ground the soil and water table remain unpolluted
  • Compostable – both the recycled paper and natural kraft paper that make up Envirocool® are compostable
  • Recyclable – no excuses here, it is 100% recyclable in its standard form
  • Vegan friendly – no animal products have been used in any of its make up
  • Courier Tough – unrivalled strength means it will stand up to the most careless of couriers. Watch this space a series of challenges putting EnviroCool® to the test
  • Moisture Resistant – it stands up to the moisture challenge by using a heavy grade virgin fibre paper on the outer layers, with absolutely no wax or PE coatings to protect it
  • Easy assembly – made simply of 2 parts, box and liner, in case you can’t sort it though we do have assembly instructions on our website.
  • Brexit-proof – produced entirely in the UK
  • Versatile – available in 3 different sizes at launch, with more size options due later this year

Pricing & Delivery

Prices start from £2.75 per liner only, and £3.92 for the liner and box set. We offer next working day delivery on these (order by 11 am)! Stock due for shipping on March 8th!

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