How pharma products are kept at the correct temperature during transport

Companies that produce pharmaceutical products have to be aware of the risks that accompany the shipping process. It is extremely important for pharmaceutical products to be shipped safely using packaging that controls the temperature of the contents, maintaining the cold chain and protects the products from damage and tampering throughout transit.

Damage to pharma products

When shipping pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, narcotics, and other medication it is very important to keep them at a consistent temperature to avoid damaging the efficiency of the chemicals. Damage to pharmaceuticals can make them completely ineffective, less efficient or even dangerous to patient health.

Even small fluctuations in the temperature of pharmaceutical products can cause damage/changes to their chemical structure. With this in mind, it is crucial that pharma products are shipped and transported in temperature controlling packaging that can maintain the cold chain for the goods inside, no matter the external conditions.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Packaging specifically designed to transport pharmaceutical products has specific components which ensure the cold chain is maintained from the start of the journey to the end of the journey. Our Hydropac Pharmapac® Genesis™ temperature controlled shipping system is PQS/Validated and has been specifically designed to maintain a safe temperature to protect pharmaceuticals from fluctuating temperatures during transit.

The Genesis™ system consist of 4 parts:

  • A thick, heavy duty polystyrene box
  • A thermal filter pack
  • An allocated payload tray (designed to eliminate any potential confusion about the pharmaceutical contents)
  • Lastly, accompanying Pharmapac® Water Ice Packs which are tailored to work only with this system for maximum effectiveness

The components of this system are designed to protect refrigerated pharmaceuticals (2 – 8°C) for at least two days during transit. Genesis™ has been tested and validated against multiple temperature profiles, including average UK Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter profiles. The results of this show that the contents inside Genesis™ can be maintained at a specific temperature for a minimum of 48 hours in the heat of the Summer and for over 120 hours in both Spring and Autumn.

Transporting Pharmaceuticals

Transit is also a key process when keeping pharmaceuticals at a consistent temperature, as you don’t want the products to be taken on a longer journey than necessary. Make sure you select a courier who can provide a same day direct route or at least next day option if possible. This means the pharmaceuticals get to their destination as quick as possible and it minimises the risk of the goods being damaged or going missing in transit.

With Genesis™ , the combination of the polystyrene insulation, Pharmapac® Water Ice Packs and the thermal filter pack inside of the packaging system work to maintain the temperature of the pharmaceutical contents inside; this combined with direct same day/next day delivery works to move the goods safely and effectively in the allocated time slot. This mixture of specified pharmaceutical packaging and efficient delivery services conserves the effectiveness of the goods until they get to their final destination.

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