Does compostable packaging boost vegetable shelf life?

The company TIPA have discovered compostable packaging that could be just as functional as regular plastic packaging, with the added benefit of keeping the fruit and vegetable contents fresher for longer.

The Agricultural Packaging Organization at the Volcani Institute have determined that the compostable packaging produced by TIPA can enable a much longer shelf life of up to 21 days for bell peppers and up to 15 days for cucumbers. This allows the vegetables to stay fresher than when they are contained within regular plastic packaging.

The research behind extending the shelf life of vegetables

Bell peppers and cucumbers were used by both researchers to test the differences between regular plastic vegetable packaging and compostable packaging. Both types of packaging allowed for the cucumbers to stay fresh for 2 weeks and the peppers to stay fresh for 4 weeks when they were stored in refrigerated conditions.

However, when the vegetables were stored in room temperature conditions, the micro-perforated compostable packaging allowed the cucumber to stay fresh for up to 15 days, compared to regular plastic packaging which only kept the cucumbers fresh for under 10 days.

How does the compostable packaging work?

The compostable packaging helps to keep the food fresher for longer because it prevents the build-up of water condensation, unlike conventional plastic packaging. The build up of condensation in regular plastic packaging can lead to the rotting of the vegetables at a quicker rate.

The compostable packaging performs like traditional plastic, but in compost it decomposes down into the soil without leaving any microplastics, toxic residue or other harmful pollutants behind. The packaging solutions also fit well with pre-existing industry manufacturing and machinery practices.

Bringing the product to life

TIPA, the brand which discovered the compostable packaging has partnered up with PerfoTec, the shelf-life extension specialist to offer other businesses their fully compostable and innovative alternative to conventional plastic packaging which has the ability to double the shelf-life of fresh products such as flowers fruit and vegetables.

The efficient laser cut compostable film allows suppliers and retailers to combat plastic pollution, reducing the amount of food waste that is created and cut carbon emissions.

The compostable packaging solutions created by the partnership between PerfoTec and TIPA are currently being implemented around the world by leading brands to encourage a more sustainable future in the packaging industry.

The development of this innovative product comes in response to an extremely high demand to cut down on plastic pollution and combat such high levels of food waste in fresh products. The market for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, like this compostable plastic vegetable packaging is significantly growing and is projected to be a key contributor to the global packaging market in the following years.


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