How branding your packaging can benefit your business

Packaging may seem like a small part of the product journey, but the packaging you choose for your products greatly impacts how your brand is perceived and the customer experience. Investing in high quality branded packaging is an effective way to improve customer retention, it is the first thing a customer experiences when they open their package.

What is branded packaging?

Branded packaging brings another level of quality to your goods that customers will appreciate. It shows consideration and improves the customer experience as the packaging quality reflects the quality of the products inside.

Branded packaging isn’t specifically putting your logo on the outside of the box, it can go beyond this and be featured on internal tissue paper, ice/gel packs, documents and printed art. Branding your packaging can be as grand or as subtle as you want, as long as it reflects the business.

What are the benefits of branded packaging?

Marketing – Custom packaging allows businesses to market their brand without having to use another marketing source. With the packaging already reaching the customers, adding a logo, slogan and brand colours instils brand identity. Using branded packaging is an effective marketing tactic, especially if consumers post your uniquely branded packaging to social media themselves.

Repeat Business – Investing in branded packaging enhances the customer experience. A package that features something unique to a brand conveys to the consumer that they are receiving valuable products. Branded packaging can also give customers a good first impression of your business and it can increase the likelihood that they will become a repeat customer.

A standard package, such as an unmarked, brown cardboard box does not give the customers the opportunity to recognise and think about your business in the same way that branded packaging does.

Brand Awareness – Packaging is the first physical touch point that a customer experiences with your brand. It gives you the opportunity to project your branding before the customer opens the products inside. Creating a unique and brand driven unboxing experience is a great way to grow brand awareness and loyalty.

Stand out – One of the biggest advantages of using branded packaging is that it stands out from your competitors. Well-branded packaging elevates the goods inside of the packaging and turns it from a product to an experience.

When presented to the customer, how does your packaging stand out? By using unique logos, specific brand colours and slogans on your packaging, you can ensure that your customers have a distinctive experience, unique to your business.

Protection – Before branding, the primary function of packaging is to ensure the internal goods reach their end destination safely. You can use ice packs, gel packs, protective packaging systems and other customised solutions to safeguard temperature sensitive products. Branding this packaging will leave a polished and unique look, leaving a great impression on your customers.

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