Hydropac Gel Ice Packs

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Our unique passive cooling gel formula uses an FSA & FDA approved non-toxic polymer that has been through 3 stage filtration, UV sterilisation, softening and a chlorination process making it food safe.

Our gel formula allows our gel ice packs to remain a more uniformed shape when freezing and offer a more prolonged thawing process than some water based ice packs on the market, making them gentler on your products.

Our ice packs are available in these courier boxes, or freezer trays for those buying in larger bulk quantities. The gel ice packs are customisable with your brand with a minimum run of just 2 pallets.

Try a Gel Ice Pack sample for free to help you decide if these are the right packs for you.

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Hydropac Who?….

You may not have heard of us before – that’s partly because we are one of the best kept secrets in our industry. But as the largest and most innovative producer of water and gel ice packs in the UK, Hydropac will without doubt have an ice pack to meet your individual requirements. With the largest range of off the shelf sizes and the ability to custom produce sizes and weights to your specifications –  without additional tooling costs – you will not find a manufacturer this cool ever! We even work as a silent manufacturing partner for many of our competitors and large retailers, so you may well already be using our gel ice packs to keep your products cool.

So how are Hydropac different?…

We have designed and built our own specialised ice pack machinery that utilises an unrivalled dosing system, in addition to our own ‘Seal through Liquid’ technology. These allow us to accurately fill the ice packs to capacity. We have also developed a unique material blend that enables us to produce the strongest and most durable gel ice packs available; withstanding over 200kg of weight without bursting. This special material is fully recyclable and certified as completely food contact safe, unlike the traditional ‘Soak and Freeze’ products that stick together when frozen.

Hydropac ice packs are produced on site at our conveniently located factory in Buckinghamshire (UK) with either water, gel or our own unique phase change solution, designed to maintain food at frozen temperatures. Our large off-the-shelf range of ice packs are all produced from white film. However, if you would prefer a coloured ice pack or ice mat, then of course we can manufacture these to your taste at the advised minimum order quantity.

Quality comes as standard!

All of our ice packs have to pass rigorous quality control processes, including a 3-stage filtration process, including being softened, chlorinated and UV light treated. This ensures your ice packs are the purest, cleanest and safest ice packs available. Because we feel that having the tightest and most robust quality control standards are so vitally important, that we decided to go one step further and send quality controlled samples of every single production run to an independent laboratory for microbiological testing. To that end, you should feel assured that we are the only company that can provide a full cleanliness and safety certification, for every single order leaving our factory.

Customised Packaging

Although we always favour the reassuring clarity of a transparent ice pack, we can supply them in any colour and even printed with your company logo and information. Printed and custom sized ice packs are always made to order and we offer unrivalled low minimum order levels starting from just 2 pallets.

  • Completely food contact safe, using a 3-stage filtration process, including UV light sterilisation.
  • Burst strength tested to over 200kg
  • Completely recyclable after use
  • 3 standard “off the shelf” items in differing sizes, weights and pocket configurations, with the option to tailor make the size and weight to your requirements
  • Fully printable, from relatively low minimum order quantities
  • Flexible even when frozen
  • Largest standard Ice Pack range currently in the market
  • Most flexible range of ice packs available, just ask for your own configuration.
  • Strongest Gel Ice Packs on the market due to our unique material blend (Unrivalled Burst strength)
  • Our own ‘Seal through Liquid’ technology produces a gel ice pack filled to capacity every time.
  • Accurate metering system delivers a pack to specification – you really do get exactly what you pay for.
  • Ice sheets will not stick together when frozen, unlike traditional ‘Soak & Freeze’ packs.
  • Custom print options with minimum runs starting as low as 2 pallets!
  • Offered as standard in transit cases or Freezer Trays (Certain Sizes)

All Hydropac Ice Packs have passed rigorous quality control and safety procedures.

  • 3 Stage Filtration System
  • UV light Sterilisation
  • Chlorination control
  • Every batch sent for independent microbiological testing
  • Unique film blends with burst strengths in excess of 200kg

Our competitors would love to know exactly what we do and how we do it, so we prefer to play our cards close to our chests, but existing customers have a right to ask for data and information regarding your purchase or future purchases, so if you need any information feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and we will get right onto it.

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