Hydropac Gel Ice Packs – Samples

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Our Gel Ice Packs use a unique passive cooling gel formula that is mixed with highly purified water, resulting in an FSA & FDA approved, non-toxic solution that is certified food contact safe.

The use of the phase change gel formula allows for a more subtle and prolonged thawing process than water-based ice packs. They are available in both courier packs and freezer trays when you place a full order.


The samples available through our Sample store have been made available for customers to “try before they buy” and as such only one size is permitted per product sample ordered. There are 2 size options for this product to choose from, with only 3 products permitted in total per sample basket. £15.99 postage charge applies per order.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Customisable with your company logo
  • Sent in clear, transparent film as standard, printed with our logo for quality assurance
  • Less prone to deformation than water ice packs
  • Gentle thawing process
  • Independently microbiologically tested

Want to place a full order? Head on over to the Gel Ice Packs page to place your order, with next working day delivery on orders placed before 11am. Low MOQ; 1 box minimum order.


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Gel Ice Packs provide an alternative to the traditional water ice packs, whilst remaining completely food safe and FSA/FDA approved and certified. The unique gel formula, when mixed with our highly purified water, results in a non-toxic polymer solution that will take longer to thaw and provide a gentle solution for products that need to be kept at a constant temperature in the cold chain. They are burst strength tested to over 200kg, avoiding risk of bursting under pressure in transit.

Gel ice packs are suitable with a wide range of our packaging systems, including our insulated shippers, reflective liners and Recycle-Air. They are fully recyclable and produced on site at our conveniently located factory in Buckinghamshire, UK.

All of the ice packs we produce have to pass extremely rigorous QC processes before being sent to an independent laboratory where every batch is microbiologically tested before we send them out to our customers. We are the only company that can provide a full cleanliness and safety certification for every single order leaving our factory.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Passed vigorous QC processes including 3 stage filtration process and UV light treatment
  • Offers a gentle thaw for the products inside
  • Burst strength tested to over 200kg
  • Choose from 1, 2 or 8 pocket packs
  • FSA certified & FDA approved
  • Our ‘Seal through Liquid’ technology ensures they are filled to capacity every time
  • Purity is clear with nothing hidden
  • Our logo is present on packaging as standard to provide quality assurance
  • Customisable for a low MOQ of just 2 pallets
  • Low MOQ on standard packs
  • 12 standard “off the shelf” items in differing sizes, weights and pocket configurations
  • Flexible when frozen
  • Do not stick together

We do not release the technical data for our ice packs to the general web, as our competitors would love to know what we do and how we do it. However, please give us a call or drop us an email if you would like discuss the technical data behind these products.

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