Branding – Far More Attractive Than Ever Before

Once upon a time, you’d expect to pay a significant amount extra to get your items branded with your logo and/or marketing message. Whilst there’s always been value in branding, the cost (and time) of doing so was often off-putting, so it would typically only be used on items that would justify the additional expense. However, with developments in digital printing, this is no longer the case!

Digital print is faster than ever, so timescales are no longer an issue, and variable print options also mean that items such as ice packs can be different per pack, giving a truly unique solution to retailers who wish to develop a custom message.

Personalisation for the Nation

It’s not rocket science that sending something out to your end users with your logo on it is far more likely to result in repeat sales and enhanced brand exposure than something without, but what about items that are a bit different. Something like a bottle cooler that uses not only your logo but also your colours adds an extra impact, or mini lunch bag coolers shaped like cute animals are sure to be a win with the kids. This type of branding is fast becoming the norm and personalised products are more popular than ever before.

It’s not only B2C retailers who benefit from increased branding opportunities, either. Items such as our ice packs can also be branded – they come branded with our logo as standard, but this can easily be changed to another logo or image for a minimum run as low as 2 pallets. Given our ice packs are sent around the world to both domestic and commercial customers, this is a perfect branding opportunity, and all made possible by digital print!

Building Connections

It’s estimated that investing in branding in this way can grow your brand exposure by up to 50%, as well as building a bridge between business and customer by adding a visual, relatable image. Using a logo with some minimal text (typically buzzwords), also gives end users to snapshot what you do in their mind and remember later.

It’s also important to consider this type of marketing as a long term investment – you don’t want to be changing your logo too often, so make sure you’re happy with it before you send the final proof, and any variations of it that you’re also planning to use. When you look at big brands such as Coca-Cola, their logo has seen some tweaks over the years but inherently remains the same.

Whether you’re just starting up or an established business, it’s crucial to get this right. Don’t be like Royal Mail, who rebranded as Consignia in 2001, and then reverted to their original name and logo only a year later (and remains the same to this day)! Nobody even knew who Consignia was, let alone that it used to be Royal Mail! Given it cost £1.5m to launch and another £1m to revert, let their costly mistakes be your lessons!

Got an idea for branding on our products, or want to discuss your options further? Simply give us a call on 01494 530 182 and we’ll talk through your requirements in more detail!

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