Reusing Recycle Air

Reusing Recycle-Air


As with all our product line up, our latest liner, Recycle-Air, comes with its own set of reuse options. It does not have a reflective layer so cannot be used for the same reuse purposes as the Reflective Air liners, but that doesn’t mean it can be reused any less!

The Components

  • Recyclable, reflective white LDPE Liner made from RESY 4 Symbol Material
  • ‘Double Bubble’ cushioning layers with protective properties
  • Self-seal and tamper evident closure
  • Made from 15% recycled material
  • Waterproof and leakproof


The easiest reuse option for Recycle-Air is to send it on in the same way it arrived to you. So, if you have products that need to be contained within a recycle liner that is waterproof, leakproof and extremely durable with great cushioning properties, then Recycle-Air is your man! All we’d ask is that you take great care with it whilst unwrapping your original delivery, to ensure its lifecycle can continue to the next person you send it on to.


With it’s Double Bubble cushioning layers and it’s LDPE outer skin, Recycle-Air offers a lot in the way of simple insulation. As above, it does not have a reflective layer, so emissivity cannot play a part here, but adding Recycle-Air to areas where insulation is needed will still give that extra thermal protection to a degree.

Areas that may benefit include:

  • Pet hutches
  • Outdoor sheds/play houses
  • Keeping food warm (in a lunchbox or similar)
  • Keeping food cool (again, in a contained box)


The Double Bubble layers also give a lot in the way of protection for delicate items, and in this way Recycle-Air can be reused for:

  • Inside other packaging materials as protection in transit
  • Around outdoor plant pots
  • During a house or office move
  • Inside sideboards where glassware or porcelain may be stored

Water Resistant Lining

The water resistance of Recycle-Air means it can give a helping hand to areas where you need to prevent damp or moisture exposure, or equally keep the moisture inside. This can include:

  • Lining cupboards (especially those where groceries such as vegetables, flour or fruit are stored)
  • Inside plant pots
  • As drawer liners
  • Pet hutches

Whatever you may choose to reuse Recycle-Air for, we’re proud of its versatility and recyclability; truly a game changer!

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