What defines an extreme temperature profile?

An extreme temperature profile is what we call testing our products to – and beyond – their packaging limits to ensure they can cope with any situation thrown at them in transit. We test at both extreme lows and extreme high temperatures, for long periods at a time, using our in house climate chamber.

An example of this type of testing result can be seen below; in this case, this is for our Pharmapac Genesis™ size 6 system, which protects refrigerated payloads between 2-8°C for a minimum of 102 hours in transit. The graph below shows performance for a UK Summer profile over a 102 hour period, way over and above the minimum time that Genesis needs to perform for.

As can be seen, this configuration is tested using an average ambient temperature of 20.34°C. The time in hours can be tracked along the X axis, and the temperature on the Y axis. The Genesis system performed consistently above any minimum markers required, and then confidently beyond.

This data is just one example for our Genesis system, but we test all of our products to the same high standards.

Even with this success in testing, we recommend that our systems are planned to only be kept in transit for 24 hours less than the maximum achieved. This is to ensure they fully maintain the constant temperature of the contents inside should there be delays. However, we can say with confidence that (system dependent), if transit does go on longer, the goods inside will remain at a constant temperature.

Are Food and Pharma Profiles Different?

Pharma products and food products vary in the way they will last during transit, depending on what is being shipped. As such, all of our packaging is tested on an individual basis tailored to what it will be used to ship.

As an example of variance, pharma products can be kept at:

  • Chilled + 2-8˚c
  • Frozen -20˚c
  • Controlled Room Temperature +15 to +25˚c

Our flagship Pharma product, Genesis, has been tested for 120+ hours.

  • Ambient (Control Room) profile: +15-25°C (Coming Soon)
  • Ambient (chilled) Food profile: +2-8°C (Validated)
  • Ambient (frozen) Food profile: below -18°C (Validated)

Why Do We Test at Extreme Profiles?

Testing at extreme profiles allows us to make sure our systems work properly and will provide constant temperatures for the goods inside. If they don’t, it could be disastrous with wasted food and pharma products due to reaching temperatures that are too high or low

To sum it up, an extreme temperature profile is one that we test our different systems on to make sure they will work properly when used in a real life transit situation. That profile will vary depending on the items being carried and the temperature inside the packaging required, however we are confident that all of our packaging solutions will meet and exceed the needs required of them.

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