Simple Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard. One of the most commonly used paper-based products in the world, with a hugely versatile range of applications. From boxes to cards, tubes to boards; most products are recyclable but there is also a huge scope to reuse them. Cardboard doesn’t like getting wet, but other than that it’s fairly good to go with any number of reuses.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes definitely don’t need to just be used once. Unless they’ve been roughly treated, the simplest way to reuse them is for the same purpose again, and again, and again….and for every time they get reused, it (in theory) prevents another box being created for the same purpose.

If you don’t need to reuse a box in its original purpose, then what about any of these options:

  • Giving them away to friends and family for moving and/or storage
  • Use for kid’s activities such as den building
  • Cut up to use in arts and crafts/card making
  • Give away to a local business or charity
  • Redesign into something for the house such as a shoe rack, sawhorse or even some modern artwork

Cardboard Heart

Image courtesy 0f Anna Kubczak, Shutterstock

  • House storage for items such as bags, books and clothing
  • Garage or shed storage
  • Save them up for Christmas or birthdays and hide presents in them

All of our insulated shipping systems come with our “Strong Double Wall” outer boxes that are perfect for encouraging reuse as well as recycling – check the Freshpac range out here.

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