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The perfect packaging solution for food retailers

We offer the perfect solution for food retailers wishing to send products (fresh or frozen) with confidence through the postal or courier network, all whilst maintaining the required cold chain. All of the products within the Freshpac® range are validated, giving confidence in the quality and performance of every element of every system we offer. When used in conjunction with our Hydropac range of ice/gel packs, you can be sure that your goods will arrive in the right condition at their end destination.

All the products in the Freshpac® range can be branded to your specifications of logo/information with no additional tooling costs, although we do have slightly different minimum order quantities for custom orders – please contact us to find out more!

Quality Conscious

Quality comes as standard with Hydropac, and we ensure that every product in the Freshpac® range lives up to this ethos. From our smallest thermal postal pocket to our largest insulated full shipping system, everything we manufacture is designed and built with meticulous attention to detail and rigorously tested for performance.

In addition, we offer the strongest, safest, cleanest and purest ice packs on the market, using our own specialised inhouse machinery to ensure an unrivalled dosing system. Our water ice packs have to pass such rigorous QC processes that we send quality controlled samples of every single production run to an independent laboratory for microbiological testing. Our unique range of systems, when combined with our innovative Ice or Gel packs, will maintain the cold chain at either refrigerated or frozen temperatures for a minimum of 24hrs!

Sustainability through Innovation

We are very keen to limit the impact all of our products have on the environment, and as such have developed a range of packaging types to suit all requirements. Whether you are looking to boost your own eco-credentials or ensure your end users can dispose of the packaging in a safe, environmentally friendly way, we have solutions within Freshpac® to suit your needs!

We will be adding more products that cater to all eco-needs over the coming months; please check back often to find out more.

Groundbreaking Technology

Every product in the Freshpac® range utilises exclusive groundbreaking technology, such as:

  • Our unique ‘mitred-seal’ corner system (as seen on the Freshpac® Insulated Shipping System) which means that boxes using this technology are extremely strong and offer unrivalled cushioning protective qualities!
  • EnviroCool® panels, which perform like an unventilated air gap and as such give life to exceptional insulative properties. This hexagonal structure also creates a rigid barrier of still air, which overall gives EnviroCool a thermal conductivity (K Value) of similar to that of still air – 0.026 W/m.K (temperature dependent).
  • Our “Double Bubble” protective system, as seen on Recycle-Air®. This offers double cushioning for the products inside, is 100% recyclable and acts as great insulation!

Freshpac® Samples

If you wish to “try before you buy”, our Freshpac® Sample Store allows you to purchase up to 3 different systems for free (pay only the shipping cost). Why not expand your horizons and try a system like EnviroCool, which offers the same benefits as other systems in the range but is 100% environmentally friendly! Please note, this is a one-time service per customer.

Global Reach

The Freshpac® range of food shipping systems ensures our clients have an unbroken supply chain of thermal packaging, regardless of where in the world the end destination lies. We ensure you are not limited by location! We are open to collaborative distribution partnerships around the world. Please contact us if you wish to discuss our Freshpac® range further.