Stylish digital branding can upgrade your packaging

Whether you have researched and chosen your materials or you’re not quite there yet, there’s certainly no denying that paying for a stylish printed logo can really upgrade your packaging!

We’re not talking about a multi-coloured monster – although of course this is possible, but it can turn into a costly going on. The same impact can be achieved with a simple, 1 or 2 colour designs (without breaking the bank!), as long as it’s done right!

Growing logo trend

It has been a growing trend in recent years to move to simpler logo designs; some brands even have logo options (multicoloured vs single colours) depending on where the logo will be going – this is partly down to design, and partly because physical printing in so many colours is expensive – especially when you’re printing onto something that may very well end up being recycled or thrown away.

Take Burger King for example. They have rebranded this year from their classic, multicoloured logo to a simpler, double coloured design. Or Vimto – again, this year has seen them move from a complicated coloured design to one with just 2 colours. Both logo changes retain the name of the brand but look stylish and can be more easily applied to multi-channel marketing.

Make a difference to your marketing

Whether you go for a simpler logo or stick with a more coloured design, there is no doubt that having a logo in place on your packaging can really make a difference to your marketing. Not only is it a visual reminder of your brand at all stages from dispatch to receipt, but a well-placed logo can also help engage interest from others who may not have heard of you previously. In some cases, having a logo on your packaging can also mean it gets reused or kept for longer, as people want to show the brand off.

The other thing to consider when putting a logo on your packaging is increasing trust in your brand. If you’re proud of your products, and more than secure in their prowess to put your logo on them and the packaging they’re in, then that can in turn increase the trust that end users feel in your brand. A logo helps to make you accountable; it means people can find you and easily contact you, it’s a visual representation of what you stand for!

Deciding on logo placement

If you are looking to place your logo on exterior packaging that will be used to courier your items from one place to another, you most likely have more options for actual logo placement than if you are looking at your individual product packaging. This is because items like cardboard boxes are bigger and simpler, typically with no complex designs to think about.

For opimum impact on any type of packaging, you want to have your logo placed prominently, where people will likely see it the most. This tends to mean on the longest side (or sides, depending if you want it on both). The bottom is an obvious no-go, and the top of something like a box is typically split in half, so if you’re printing here you end up with less space and the risk of damage to the print.

It’s not only exterior packaging that can be branded though – what about interior padding or other items; for example, ice packs that may be keeping the temperature constant. If you want to make sure the end user sees your brand clearly, then it is also an option to brand this type of interior packaging as well.

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