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Our Freshpac® range has been formulated as the ideal solution for food retailers sending large or small items; fresh or frozen, confidently through the postal or courier network whilst maintaining the required cold chain.

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Features & Benefits

  • Our Freshpac® solutions are proven to maintain the cold chain at either refrigerated or frozen temperatures for a minimum of 24 hours (when combined with our ice or gel packs!)
  • We offer custom printing and bespoke sizes for lower MOQs than typical industry numbers on custom orders. Our MOQ varies per product, so please contact us if you need a custom order.
  • All items and systems in this range are certified food safe.
  • All of our products across the range are BS Compliant.

Specific Products

  • EnviroCool is our flagship environmentally friendly packaging solution; like all other systems in our range, it does offer a temperature-controlled solution for food retailers but is also 100% eco-friendly.
  • Recycle-Air is also a revolutionary recyclable cold chain packaging solution, made using a recyclable LDPE liner from RESY4 material. These bags offer “Double Bubble” cushioning layers for extra protection and come as a pre-gusseted liner system, so no assembly required.
  • The Freshpac® ReflectiveAir bag system is revolutionary! This system enables suppliers, producers, co-packers and logistics companies to send products via the courier network in confidence that the products inside will remain at a constant temperature.
  • Our Freshpac® Insulated cool bags are totally recyclable and food safe! They are also available with antibacterial coating – which we think is pretty nifty!
  • Our EPS polystyrene boxes brilliantly represent the traditional poly-foam shipping box. Versatility is the key of these shippers, delivering everything from Christmas turkeys to wet fish. They are also reusable and recyclable at specialist recycling plants.
  • Freshpac® Thermal Postal Pockets are our small but effective solution to shipping foodstuffs through the domestic postal service – these are suitable for posting through letterboxes or into mailboxes. Super insulated and tamper proof, they offer a completely sealed insulated chamber for shipping in temperature controlled conditions.

Price & Delivery

Our FreshPac® range is priced from as little as £1.04 per product (Insulated Cool Bags). Please see here for more details.

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