Introducing Recycle-Air®

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Make way, polystyrene. Move over, foam pellets! Here comes Recycle-Air® – our revolutionary packaging liner that is not only 100% recyclable but is also made with up to 15% recycled content, giving it huge eco-credentials as it weighs into the Hydropac line up!

Recycle-Air® joins its sister product, our 3D Reflective Liners, as a way to send products which require temperature-controlled shipping with less packaging; the key difference between the two is that the Recycle-Air® liner has been created using 100% recyclable LDPE film AND contains up to 15% recycled material that offers DOUBLE the amount of insulation. Not bad for a liner that can also fold flat, requires zero assembly, is low cost and offers a MINIMUM of 24 hours temperature-controlled shipping time!

Now, we need to make it clear here – Recycle-Air® isn’t a “better” product than our Reflective Liners, it simply works in a different way. Reflective Liners work through pure emissivity (reflection of energy) whereas Recycle-Air® has a double bubble layer of insulation that allows it to offer the same performance, although the white LDPE layer does still play it’s part. This does mean Recycle-Air® is available with a lower quantity per box per shipment than the Reflective Liners.

The Inner Workings of Recycle-Air®

Recycle-Air® puts the “I” back into insulation; with reflective white LDPE layers on both sides and a double layer of bubble insulation sandwiched between, insulation and cushioning are its middle names (literally!)

Climate Chamber and customer testing has proven that Recycle-Air® will perform on a UK based ‘extreme’ peak summer temperature profile for more than 24hrs and 96hrs during winter testing (held between +2˚c to +8˚). With the heatwave we’re currently in, Recycle-Air® has proven it can stand up to Mother Nature!

If you’re looking to send both frozen and fresh products in one delivery, then you can use Recycle-Air® alongside one of our Thermal Pockets – this is also ideal for product separation.

The Essential Info

Launch Date: Recycle-Air® will be ready to ship in August but will be available for pre-orders very soon – you’ll find it in our Freshpac category.

Sizing: It will be available as standard to fit 4 of our standard White Double Strength Box sizes, Box 101, 02, 05 & 06. Bespoke Sizes can be produced for a small production run of 2,000 Liners.

Recycling Recycle-Air®

Hopefully, your local council are already recycling LDPE but if not, don’t panic! Most supermarkets do recycle LDPE and collect it in store along with used carrier bags.

Reusing Recycle-Air®

Too many for us to list here so we’ll cover this in a separate blog, but it is totally, 100% possible to reuse Recycle-Air® over and over again, giving reuse life to single use plastics. Customers have told us they make great insulation for animal hutches, keeping food warm as well as cool, and even being used as wallpaper (hmmm – jury’s out on that one – each to their own!)

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