Product Showcase – Hydropac Range

Features & Benefits

  • Extensive range of cooling products, including gel freezing ice packs of all shapes and sizes!
  • All items can be personalised! We always favour the reassuring clarity of a transparent ice pack, but we can supply them in any colour film and even print with your company logo and/or information if desired.
  • Our custom printed ice packs and custom sized ice packs are always made to order and we are pleased to offer the lowest minimum order levels, starting as few as 2 pallets of ice packs.
  • All our ice packs have passed extreme quality control processes, which allows us to boast that our products are FDA & FSA Certified Food Safe due to our 6-stage filtration process and UV sterilisation! This process ensures our ice packs are the purest, cleanest and safest ice packs available. We think this is rather impressive!
  • In addition, we send every batch of products away weekly for microbiological testing to ensure we meet legislation and our Ice packs are at least as clean as your drinking water, but the truth is, it is even cleaner – it is Pure!
  • For our Hydro-Freeze range of Ice packs, in addition, we only use Halal and Kosher approved ingredients to ensure complete compatibility.
  • We keep the largest range of off-the-shelf products on the market and we even work as a silent manufacturer for many our competitors and retailers, so you may already be using Hydropac’s products to keep your products cool.
  • All our products across the range are burst strength tested to over 200kg, BS Compliant and are completely recyclable after use!

Price & Delivery

Our Hydropac range is competitively priced! Whilst order sizes vary and customisation options differ, we are proud that many of the products within the Hydropac range start at just £0.18 per each!

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