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Hydropac are the largest producer of ice packs in the UK

With the largest range of off-the-shelf sizes and the ability to custom produce sizes and weights to your specifications; without additional tooling costs, you will not find a manufacturer this cool ever!

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About Hydropac

Hydropac is our original flagship brand and we are proud to boast that our temperature controlled packaging solutions are second to none – we produced a market leading 30 million Ice Packs in 2020 & are set to gain again on this in 2021!

We stock the largest range of “off-the-shelf” sizes across our product range in the UK, and have the ability to produce custom sizes, colours and weights to your specifications, without additional tooling costs! You won’t find another manufacturer this cool ever!

Our bestselling ice packs are produced onsite at our centralized factory in Buckinghamshire UK, with either water, gel or our own unique Hydro-Freeze phase change solution, designed and engineered to maintain your products at frozen temperatures.

Our Water Ice Packs undergo a 3 stage filtration process which includes being softened, chlorinated and UV light sterilised, and the microbiologists who test them after every batch are prepared to state they are  ‘Fit for Human consumption’ – they are cleaner than tap water, and as clean as bottled Spring Water! Can you find another manufacturer who can say that!

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Setting the Standard

All of our ice packs have to pass rigorous quality control processes, including a 3 stage filtration process, including being softened, chlorinated and UV light sterilised, which ensure our ice packs are the purest, cleanest and safest ice packs available.

We feel that having the tightest and most robust quality control standards are so vitally important, that we decided to go one step further and send quality controlled samples of every single production run, to an independent laboratory for microbiological testing. To that end, you should feel assured that we are the only company, that can provide a full independent purity and safety certification for every single order leaving our factory, that shows how serious, passionate and confident we are in our products.

Customise your Ice Packs

Our Ice Packs, whether Water, Gel or HydroFreeze™, always come in clear packaging as standard, as we favour the reassuring clarity of a transparent ice pack. However, we can supply them in any colour film you desire, and can also print them to include your logo and information with no additional tooling costs. For more information please call us on 01494 530182 or email

If personalised cooling products are what you require, our Homepac range has been designed for this very purpose – with endless possibilities across the range including branded and custom size/shaped ice packs, branded drinks coolers and ice mats, Homepac will suit the needs of retailers in many sectors including retail, breweries, homeware producers, distilleries and promotional markets.

We’re the Best Kept Secret in the Shipping Sector!

With the largest range of off the shelf sizes and the ability to custom produce sizes and weights to your specifications; without additional tooling costs, you will not find a manufacturer this cool ever. We even work as a silent manufacturer for a number of our competitors and retailers, so you may already be using Hydropac’s products to keep your products cool.

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