Hydropac’s Pharmapac range: the all-round solution for Pharma shipping

Our Pharmapac range has seen many changes over the last few years; as the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry have evolved

We have showcased our Pharmapac offering in the past but so much has happened since then that we need to update you all – we’ve fully streamlined our offering, so our fully validated Genesis system offers the utmost as a cost effective, single-use system, specifically designed to protect refrigerated pharma payloads (2 – 8°C) for at least two days during transit

Pharmapac Genesis

Genesis was born through a gap in the market primarily for a system that would be cost-effective whilst retaining its effectiveness in protecting the goods inside. We know how expensive PCMs are and instead have invented our own T.C Filter Pack; in essence, a thermal buffer that controls the cooling energy from the ice packs inside during transit. In doing this, not only were we able to reduce the cost of the system and pass that down to our customers, but also able to fully control the materials being used in our system.

It is essential that Genesis customers use the accompanying Pharmapac 750g Gel Ice Packs (don’t worry, we can help work out what you’ll need), as these maximise the duration on latent energy transfer. No other ice pack is validated to use with the Pharmapac Genesis/Polybox range.

Pharmapac Poly Boxes

At present, we offer a range of Polystyrene boxes dedicated to the Pharmapac range. These come in a range of 7 sizes from 3.3Ltrs all the way to 47.8Ltrs, so more than big or small enough for different requirements.

These boxes are designed to extend transit times and have been tested with extreme temperature profiles to ensure they do the job right!

For more information about our Pharmapac range and offering, please contact us through the website or give us a call on +44 (0) 1494 530 182.

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