Pharmapac® 750g Gel Ice Pack

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Products in our Pharmapac® Polybox range require the strict use of our Pharmapac® 750g Ice Packs; these are manufactured using Pure Filtered and UV Treated Water, along with a leading Gel Formula, and encased a Blue High-Grade Recyclable Puncture Resistant film.

Our Pharmapac® 750g Gel Ice Packs are filled to capacity to maximise the duration on latent energy transfer. As such, any other ice pack will not be validated for use in collaboration with the range of systems in our Pharmapac® Polybox range.

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Why Should You Use Our Gel Ice Packs?

We test our Polybox systems using uniquely designed and engineered Gel Ice Packs, manufactured onsite at our UK factory, where we have been producing ice packs and temperature controlled shipping systems for almost 18 years.

Our PCM (passive cooling medium) Pharmapac® Gel Ice Packs are compact and filled to capacity, to maximise the duration of latent energy transfer,  both in release and absorption. Any other Gel Ice Pack will simply not be suitable with our Pharmapac® Polybox range, so we must insist the use of the correct grade passive cooling medium ice packs to maintain effectiveness.

We also use a High Grade Recyclable Puncture Resistant Blue Film for added anti-burst security.

Nobody makes Ice Packs like Hydropac®!

How Many Pharmapac® Ice Packs Will I Need To Use?

We have put together, based on our extensive testing, the following chart to advise how many ice packs will be required per box size and temperature.

This data is based on an extreme Fixed and Constant Temperature Testing Profile, so quantities may vary day to day. As such, we strongly advise setting a Standard Operating Procedure for Packing Pharmapac® Ice Packs, based on the external conditions each day.

External Temperature Conditions
10°C 20°C 25°C 30°C
Box 101 1 2 2 3
Box 2 1 2 4 4
Box 6 2 3 6 6
No. of PharmaPac® 750g Ice Packs