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Hydropac® have extensively developed and tested a range of products under the Pharmapac® brand. The ‘Pharma-Box’ range targets pharmaceutical manufacturers, biomedical companies and contract packers with a tried, tested and trusted product.

The Pharmapac® Polystyrene range has been rigorously tested in our own laboratory, under constant and extreme temperature conditions mirroring all seasons, developed for the very worst-case transit scenarios.

The Pharmapac® Polystyrene Range offers a unique range of wall thicknesses to cater for extended transit times and extreme temperature profiles.  At Pharmapac® we pride ourselves and removing the mystic from Pharmaceutical testing and offer a comprehensive and transparent guide to transit times and passive cooling medium required, according to various ASTM and WHO testing standards.

NB. Please note these products require PharmaPac® 750g Ice packs. Find out more.
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Why Use The Pharmapac® Polystyrene Boxes?

As you will undoubtedly be aware, In the world of Pharmaceuticals, it is vitally important that goods are transported to their exacting requirements, with no deviation outside of the desired window. So Pharmapac’s Pharma Boxes are well placed as a tried and tested solution for shipping where reliability and extended shipping times are required.

The extra thick insulated walls of our Pharma Boxes, provide strength and protection against careless couriers, in addition to providing a high rate of Thermal protection providing the ability to transport for longer durations.

Our entire range is capable of transporting goods from 1 Day to 5 Days.

How Do Pharmapac® Pharma Boxes Perform?

Our Pharma Boxes are designed to withstand extreme temperature profiles.

We have also included in our Technical Data Section, a comprehensive guide to the volume of Passive Cooling medium (Gel Packs) required per Size, dependant on duration required and the current ambient temperature conditions.

Although the data provided are not validations, they are formulated using a combination of base-line testing and scientific calculations.

Can Pharmapac® Provide Validations?

At Pharmapac, we have our own testing laboratory and in collaboration with our customers,we can provide testing and validations of your specific requirements.

We welcome collaboration and if you need to have your products and shipping systems validated, we welcome further discussion.

What Sizes Are Pharmapac® Pharma Boxes Available In?

We have seven standard sizes available for next day delivery if required or can be delivered on a cheaper economy service (3-5 days).

Standard Range

  1. Pharma 1     – Insulation Thickness 45mm – ID: 155 x 145 x 148mm (3.3 Ltr Capacity)
  2. Pharma 2    – Insulation Thickness 60mm – ID: 167 x 167 x 185mm (5.1 Ltr Capacity)
  3. Pharma 3    – Insulation Thickness 45mm – ID: 240 x 210 x 195mm (9.8 Ltr Capacity)
  4. Pharma 4    – Insulation Thickness 60mm – ID: 213 x 213 x 208mm (9.4 Ltr Capacity)
  5. Pharma 4D – Insulation Thickness 40mm – ID: 255 x 255 x 255mm (16.5 Ltr Capacity)
  6. Pharma 5    – Insulation Thickness 70mm – ID: 314 x 314 x 237mm (23.3 Ltr Capacity)
  7. Pharma 6    – Insulation Thickness 55mm – ID: 442 x 387 x 280mm (47.8 Ltr Capacity)
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