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Hydropac are the UK’s premier manufacturer of innovative, flexible, durable and the most versatile range of Ice Packs, Gel Packs and Temperature Controlled Shipping Systems in the market and this is not a statement we make lightly… producing a market leading 30 million Ice Packs in 2020.


High Quality Comes As Standard!

Who Are Hydropac?

Hydropac are a relatively young business, starting life in 2001 predominantly producing retail based products, such as bespoke wine and bottle coolers, drinks can coolers and Ice Packs for both the retail and medical world. Understanding our markets and the potential, we then evolved naturally to producing products as a silent manufacturer for a major pharmaceutical distributor, from which our story continues…

Hydropac now design and produce Insulated Shipping Systems, in addition to our own unique Ice Packs and Gel Packs, for many of the UK’s biggest online food retailers, distributors and logistics partners, which has made Hydropac the best kept secret!

We can produce bespoke character based ice packs with your company brand, your favourite movie character or in virtually any shape you wish. Our standard ice packs can be branded with your company’s logo, either as a continuous repeat image or a registered print or ask us for a pack completely unique to you, the choices and capabilities are endless.

As a company, we’re very keen to support the environment and charities including Raleigh International & The Samaritans; 99% of our products are now 100% recyclable and can be reused by both our customers and their end users. We are passionate about reducing waste and sending less to landfill; to that end, our products are long lasting and will stand the test of time!

The Team

We have two ‘World Class’ consultants in lean manufacturing and engineering as board members, a team of highly experienced Technical Sales Managers with a vast amount of experience in the pharmaceutical, Packaging and retail sectors and a dedicated, long serving production and customer service team, it’s little wonder we keep evolving and developing our range!

Hydropac team - 3 people

Our Market Sector Brands

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Why Hydropac?


Hydropac are the UK’s premier manufacturer of innovative, flexible and the most versatile selection of Ice Packs, Gel Packs and Temperature Controlled Shipping Systems and that is not a statement we make lightly…

Unlike all of our competitors, who compete with each other over the same products, we prefer to offer products that differentiate ourselves from them.

For example, our Ice Packs are produced using machinery that we designed ourselves, for the very reason of providing Ice Packs that are not only durable; using our strong unique sealing system and specially developed film quality, but they’re also filled accurately to capacity using a unique inline measuring system and ‘seal-through-liquid’ technology.

How do we differentiate you ask

All of our competitors Ice Packs are produced using traditional ‘Form, Fill and Seal’ technology, this type of machinery does not allow them to fill the ice packs to capacity like we can, as they cannot seal the ice pack through the liquid; so they’ll often look like a long saggy bag.

As a result, their central, top and bottom seal quality are far weaker and the film grade will often deteriorate quickly. This also reflects in the depth or thickness of the ice pack being greatly reduced, with the effect of producing a thin ice pack that will thaw out much quicker than ours. So undoubtedly an inferior quality and definitely not the quality you or your customers deserve…. nobody likes a soggy box!

I mentioned our unique ‘In-Line’ metering capability earlier. We have designed and produced a metering system that can deliver an ice pack to within 5% of the advertised weight. Why is this important, well consider this, all of our competitors sell Ice Packs based on a set weight and yet NONE of them can actually control that weight, because of the type of machinery they use. Hydropac are the first and only ones to have developed a metering system that can deliver an accurate dose of liquid to your Ice pack, so with Hydropac, you really do get what you pay for.

So watch out for these cheaper alternatives, If they have a seal down the back and centre of the pack, they are not Hydropac…

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How have we managed to differentiate?

You see, Hydropac’s owners are real geeks, we have a ‘world class’ consultant in lean manufacturing in one corner and a ‘world class’ machine engineer in the other, coupled with Technical Sales Managers that have been in both the Pharmaceutical and Packaging sectors forever. So with this experience at our disposal, it’s little wonder we are constantly developing and evolving.

So if you have an idea or a requirement, we will work collaboratively with you to make it happen!

The Market Sectors we serve…

Likewise, In this busy, fast paced and ever changing world in which we live, Hydropac are at the forefront of development and innovation, serving the ever convenient online market place for Food retailers, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Logistics companies and contract packers, as well as producing Ice Packs in many different shapes and forms for some of the UK’s major high street retailers under their own label.

Hydropac have developed validated temperature controlled systems for the Food sector (Freshpac) and the Pharmaceutical sector (Pharmapac)

Our EnviroCool cardboard ‘Insulated Shipping Systems’ have been developed as a biodegradable, compostable & recyclable system. The liners honeycomb system not only insulates, but also created an incredibly strong shell to protect your products! Trust us, we have tested this theory with standing two people on a box. Impressive!

New Products…

Introducing ‘HydroFreeze™ & HydroFreeze™+’, our ice packs containing a unique food safe formula, designed to enable safer shipping of frozen goods. They work in the same way as dry ice, but are much safer as, unlike dry ice, HydroFreeze™ products are not classed as hazardous goods when shipping, and they do not require any specialist handling.

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'Dukeshill have always found Hydropac to be a very competitive, responsive supplier and the quality of the goods we buy from them is excellent'

Dukeshill Ham Co. Ltd

“Gousto rely on Hydropac for our coolant solution, the quality and level of service is second to none”


"We have used Hydropac for a quite a few years and the service has only improved year on year. They are always looking out for our best interests. I would strongly recommended Hydropac and their products to anyone"

Anthony Rowcliffe & Son

A big thanks to you personally and all at Hydropac for providing the chilled transport container (as insulin has to be kept refrigerated in transit and when stored in the home).
There was actually still plenty of solid ice in it!
My Pharmapac Genesis 3 box left Gatwick on Monday night - flew to Paris to catch the DHL plane to their Caribbean hub in Panama - from where it flew early this morning to Barbados and from where I collected it at noon - just 48 hours! A real life saver!
Thanks again for all your help and advice, Paul Fildes

Paul Fildes - End consumer

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