HydroFreeze™ – the safe alternative to dry ice range of ice packs

As we introduce EasiFreeze™, the latest ice pack to join our non-toxic, safe alternative to dry ice range, we wanted to talk you through the 3 different options in the HydroFreeze™ range that will mean you never have to stick on a Class 9 Dry Ice UN1845 label again!

The HydroFreeze™ story

HydroFreeze™ started out just over 2 years ago as our flagship ice pack that could hold frozen food at a temperature below -12°C for up to 24 hours – the same as dry ice, but without all the added complications and risks of handling. As we all know, dry ice can be dangerous if handled incorrectly and can alter the taste and texture of products if they become contaminated (we’ve written more about this here: https://hydropac.co.uk/dry-ice-control-food-temperature/), so for us, creating a safe, non-toxic alternative to dry ice was, and still is, the way forward!

As HydroFreeze™ was an overnight success, we knew we needed to take things further – there was obviously a need and demand for food safe ice packs that didn’t require specialist handling and could keep frozen foods frozen for longer. As such, we developed HydroFreeze™+ – again, with a unique food safe formula but this time we pushed the boundaries further so HydroFreeze™+ can keep frozen goods at -20°C for approx. 24 hours or -15°C for approx. 36 hours.

We’ve been able to offer both versions of HydroFreeze™ through all the times of crisis and shortages in the dry ice market, and now EasiFreeze™ has been developed to offer a third option for those need reliable ice packs that can offer the same coolant benefits as dry ice but without the risks.

What can EasiFreeze™ offer?

EasiFreeze™ offers shorter freeze times than either HydroFreeze™ option – these ice packs will freeze approx. 33% quicker than HydroFreeze™ or HyrdroFreeze™+. This means that they can be frozen down and shipped in shorter time frames.

  • Like all of our ice packs, EasiFreeze™ is safe, non-toxic, and contains only ingredients found on the FDA’s SCOGS database.
  • In terms of shipment, EasiFreeze™ is designed to hold a shipping temperature of -16°C for 24 hours.

Please note that all 3 variants in the HydroFreeze™ range should be pre-conditioned in a sufficiently powerful freezer capable of maintaining temperatures below -30°C; they all have a much lower freezing point than pure water. In general, EasiFreeze™ will take twice as long to freeze compared to water whereas HydroFreeze™+ will take three times as long.

We’ve put together the table below to show a full comparison:HydroFreeze Comparison

As can be seen, EasiFreeze™ freezes down much quicker, making it extremely efficient in terms of buying in and then shipping back out to the end consumer.

HydroFreeze™ Ordering Options

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