Hydro-Freeze Ice Pack – Samples


Hydro-Freeze Ice Pack samples are certified to be food safe and maintain an FSA & FDA approved product temperature of -15°C when used with our insulated systems. Filled with a specially engineered phase change liquid, they are a safe alternative to dry ice and traditional dry ice shipments, at an equivalent price.

Hydro-Freeze should be frozen at a temperature at or below -22°C prior to use for maximum effectiveness.


These samples have been made available for customers to “try before they buy” and as such only one size is permitted per product sample ordered. There are 2 size options for Hydro-Freeze ice packs to choose from; 1 or 2 pockets. Only 3 products permitted in total per sample basket; the samples are free, £15.99 postage charge applies.

  • Specially engineered phase change liquid ensures goods are kept at -15°C or less
  • Sent in clear, transparent packaging as standard with our logo to ensure your customers can trust in your business and your suppliers
  • Strong and durable; can take over 200kg in weight without bursting
  • Fully recyclable
  • Certified food contact safe
  • Suitable for use with our insulated systems
  • Fully customisable and printable (minimum order run as low as 2 pallets)

Want to place a full order? Head on over to the Hydro-Freeze page to place your order, with next working day delivery on orders placed before 11am. Low MOQ; 1 box minimum order.

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Water Ice Packs are the leading products from our core Hydropac range of ice packs and ice mats, utilising unrivalled technology to be the cleanest, purest and safest ice packs on the market.

Produced on site at our factory in Buckinghamshire, we feel that ensuring the tightest and most robust quality control standards is so vitally important. As such, on top of our QC processes, we send quality-controlled samples of every single production run to an independent laboratory for microbiological testing. As such, we can ensure a full cleanliness and safety certification for every single order leaving our factory.


  • Outer packaging is fully recyclable (contents must be disposed of properly)
  • All Hydro-Freeze ice packs have passed rigorous QC processes
  • Can be customised; standard packaging is clear
  • Available in freezer trays (bulk buyers) or courier boxes (smaller quantities)
  • 1 box minimum order
  • Safe alternative to dry ice
  • Maintains a FSA & FDA approved product temperature of below -15°C when used with our insulated systems.
  • FSA certified & FDA approved
  • Food contact safe
  • Extremely strong
  • Safe alternative to dry ice
  • Can be customised; fully printable
  • Full cleanliness and safety certification for every order we send
  • Flexible when frozen
  • Every batch sent for independent microbiological testing
  • Unique film blends with burst strengths in excess of 200kg
  • Chlorination control, UV sterilisation and 6 stage filtration as standard

If you would like any further information on our Hydro-Freeze ice packs, please give us a call or drop us an email.

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