Product Showcase – Pharmapac Range

Our Pharmapac range has been designed with confidence and reassurance at the very heart of the range; primarily designed for 3 core industries, the products within all cater for temperature sensitive drugs or vaccines with a low thermal mass, that need to be maintained at a constant cold temperature for extended periods of time.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed specifically to reassure and deliver confidence using tried and tested solutions.
  • Practice makes perfect – We have supplied thermal packaging to pharmaceutical, biotechnical and logistic companies for more than 10 years.
  • There is no need for a power supply to assist with cooling
  • Our unique Phase Change Materials, used in our Water and Gel Ice Packs, mean that no peaks in temperature will reach your product.
  • All our ice packs have passed extreme quality control processes, which allows us to boast that our products are FSA Certified Food Safe due to our 6-stage filtration process and UV sterilisation! This process ensures our ice packs are the purest, cleanest and safest ice packs available.
  • We have products available to cater for a range of order and product sizes

Pricing & Delivery

Our PharmaPac range is competitively priced! Whilst order sizes vary and customisation options differ, we are proud that the PharmaPac range starts at £3.93 per each item!

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