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Our Homepac range has been specially formulated for the retail & leisure sector and gives endless possibilities to the personalisation options we can offer on cooling products for consumers.


Features & Benefits

  • Huge portfolio of cooling products, including ice packs for lunch boxes, ice mats for hampers and can/bottle and wine coolers!
  • All items can be personalised with logos, images or text so you can promote your own branding or trademarked characters
  • Digital or flexographic printing options available for additional tailoring
  • All of our cooling products are designed to chill food and drink to their optimum serving temperature quicker than a household refrigerator, and maintain these temperatures for several hours! Our Drinks Coolers can chill a drink from room temperature to under 10°C in around 15 minutes, which we think is rather impressive!
  • Our Drinks Coolers use our own special food safe liquid fill solution, which freezes to a soft ice and as such can be gently moulded to the shape of the can or bottle, rather than forming a hard shell that leaves gaps between product and cooler
  • Our Small Ice Packs can be shaped to move away from the traditional rectangle or square offering, giving a unique edge to retailers! They can even be shaped into well-known character prints!
  • All of our products across the range are burst strength tested to over 200kg, are BS Compliant and are completely recyclable after use! We also boast that our products are FSA Certified Food Safe due to our 6 stage filtration process and UV sterilisation!

Price & Delivery

Our Homepac range is bespoke so we will discuss pricing & delivery when we know your requirements and quantities, ensuring we can offer you the most cost-effective deal! Our custom print options have minimum run amounts starting as low as 2 pallets and we do not charge tooling costs!

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