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Our Homepac range of products offers a glimpse into the endless possibilities of personalised cooling products Hydropac can produce

Personalised food & drink cooling products for retailers, licence holders, homeware producers, distilleries, breweries, promotional markets and events organisers

Our Homepac portfolio has been designed for retailers who require custom food and drink cooling products! From large picnic/hamper ice mats to small, themed ice packs for packed lunches, and ice pack drinks coolers for canned drinks, beers, lagers, large soft drink bottles and wine or champagne bottles, Homepac really can cater for it all!

All of these items are designed to chill food and drinks to their optimal serving temperature faster than a household refrigerator, and unlike similar products on the market, our food and drinks coolers can then maintain these temperatures for several hours – perfect for a hot summers’ day picnic or a day at the beach!

We welcome collaboration with anyone wishing to work with Hydropac to develop your own unique offering of own label Ice Packs, themed kids lunch box coolers, can, bottle or wine coolers, all tailored to your own bespoke requirements with digital or flexographic printing available to further tailor to your theme!

Hydropac are one of Europe’s largest producers of ice packs, and have many years’ experience in producing unique and innovative retail products for high street chains!

We have a large portfolio of cooling products and the ability to custom make products to your specification without additional tooling costs.  We also work as a silent manufacturing partner for a number of retailers across Europe, so you may well already be stocking Hydropac’s products without knowing it.

Drink Coolers

Our drinks coolers are designed to cool and chill drinks to their optimal serving temperature faster than a household refrigerator, and then maintain these temperatures for several hours.

Using our own special food safe liquid fill, our drinks coolers freeze to form a ‘soft ice’ which gives them the feel of compact snow rather than a hard ice block. This means the drinks cooler is still malleable and can be fitted to gently “caress” the shape of the can or bottle for maximum coverage, while still maintaining the same deep frozen temperature of regular ice.

All our drinks coolers no matter the size maximise the contact area on the surface of the bottle or can for optimum cool coverage – as such, they can chill a drink from room temperature to under 10°C in around 15 minutes. Cool huh!

Food Coolers

Our food coolers are specifically designed and sized to suit a variety of food containers, to keep packed lunches, hampers or picnics cool on those warm summer days.

Our Homepac Ice Packs can be fully branded and manufactured your customised size and weight requirements. Our smaller ice packs can even be shaped to match a favourite character print or licensed theme – we’re a brand owners dream! We’re sure we can produce an ice pack to suit all requirements!

If you have a product idea or would like a quotation for your own label product, please give us a call to discuss the many options available!

Hydropac have designed and built our own specialised ice pack machinery that utilises an unrivalled dosing system

In addition to our own ‘Seal through Liquid’ technology, which allows us to accurately fill our ice packs to capacity, we have also developed a unique material blend that enables us to produce the strongest and most durable ice packs available. This means our ice packs can withstand over 200kg of weight without bursting. This special material is fully 100% recyclable and certified as completely food contact safe.

Our Homepac range covers everything, including:

  • Large ice mats for picnic or hamper boxes to keep the contents cool
  • Small ice packs for that act as food coolers for packed lunches
  • Shaped character themed ice packs for children’s cool boxes
  • Ice pack drinks coolers for canned drinks and bottles

These items are designed to chill food and drinks to their optimal serving temperature faster than a household refrigerator and can then maintain these temperatures for several hours. As such, we must make sure that they will be as durable as possible to last the test of time and use. Our unique material blend ensures this is the case!

In addition, all our Ice Packs across the whole Hydropac range must pass rigorous quality control processes, including a 6-stage filtration process & tests by an independent microbiology lab before they are released for sale. As such, we can provide a full cleanliness and safety certification for every single order leaving our factory, and all our Ice Packs are certified as food/drink contact safe!

The Perks of Our Product

  • The UK’s leading manufacturer of ice packs & cooling products
  • Full customisation options available with low minimum order quantities and no additional tooling costs
  • Complete range of shelf ready packaging available in a range of sizes
  • All ice packs certified as 100% food safe, using a 6-stage filtration process and UV sterilisation
  • All ice packs are burst strength tested to over 200kg
  • BS compliant
  • All our products are completely recyclable after use

Why Choose Homepac?

  • All ice packs are microbiologically tested at an independent laboratory to certify purity
  • Full traceability and certification with every product leaving the factory
  • Only UK manufacturer to have Ice Packs deemed as “fit for human
  • consumption” by independent microbiologists
  • Unique material blend used on our ice packs that means they are able to withstand over 200Kg of weight without bursting
  • Our Drinks Coolers are made using our unique special food safe liquid fill for maximum bottle coverage
  • Our food and drinks coolers chill products faster than a household refrigerator, and can then maintain these temps for several hours



If you are interested in any of our Homepac products please complete the form below and one of our specialists will contact you with more information.

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