Pre-Frozen Ice Packs

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Are you short on space or are your ice packs taking too long to freeze down? Don’t worry, we have the answer to that! Hydropac are now making your life easier, introducing the pinnacle of convenience with our pre-frozen ice packs.

We offer a national service for delivering a small selection of our standard water and gel ice packs to your door, frozen and ready to use. We deliver these in full pallet lots on 3-5-day service using frozen transport to maintain their temperature. Simply re-pack them into your outgoing shipments and send them on… it’s as simple as that!

Please read our Safe Handling Instructions for Ice Packs. We are very precious about our creations at Hydropac, so please look after them!


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Ready Frozen Water and Gel Ice Packs – could we make your life much easier?!

Having supplied a select few customers with pre-frozen Water and Gel Ice Packs for a number of years, the requests for these seemed to keep on coming. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers, so here they are – available for everyone.

Available in 2 options; the 500g 1 pocket filled with either water or gel.

You can order any time of day and to anywhere in the UK; including Northern & Southern Ireland. It’s that easy; place your order online, sit back and wait. Once your pre-frozen ice packs arrive, re-pack them and send them on. No stress, no hassle.

Please also read our Safe Handling Instructions For Ice Packs to make sure each and every ice pack you buy lives it’s life to the full!

  • Eradicate lengthy freeze down times for ice packs and have them delivered on tap (if you’ll excuse the pun)
  • Free up valuable freezer space for your products, not ice packs
  • 2-3-day lead times achievable (max 3-5 days dependant on UK location)
  • Uniform freezing of ice packs before they arrive, no distortion or splits due to fast freezing.
  • Every type of our pre-frozen ice packs are certified food contact safe.
  • Totally reusable & completely recyclable
  • Available at present in 2 different options for water and gel
  • No other ice pack manufacturer makes it this easy to order ice on tap…. there’s that pun again….
  • Available in two standard ice packs; Water or Gel and delivered frozen in Freezer Trays.
  • Part of the largest standard Ice Pack range currently in the market
  • Strongest Ice Packs on the market due to our unique material blend (Unrivalled Burst strength)
  • The most flexible range of ice packs available on the market – just ask for your own configuration.
  • Our unique ‘Seal through Liquid’ technology produces a pack filled to capacity every time.
  • Accurate metering system delivers a pack to specification – you really do get exactly what you pay for.
  • Ice sheets will not stick together when frozen, unlike traditional ‘Soak & Freeze’ packs

All Hydropac Ice Packs have passed rigorous quality control and safety procedures.

  • 6 Stage Filtration System
  • UV light Sterilisation
  • Chlorination control
  • Every batch sent for independent microbiological testing to The Public Health Standards
  • Unique film blends with burst strengths in excess of 200kg

Our competitors would love to know exactly what we do and how we do it, so we prefer to play our cards close to our chests, but existing customers have a right to ask for data and information regarding your purchase or future purchases, so if you need any information feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 1494 530 182 or fill in our contact form and we will get right onto it.

FSA Temperature Control Guide Download Now
Hydropac Ice Packs - Safe Handling Instructions Download Now