Single or Double-Sided Foil Liners Vs Single or Double-Sided Polyethylene Liners

Our Reflective Air Bags are a revolutionary, leak resistant, Temperature Controlled packaging system and, having been first to market with 3D Box Bottom variants, we know they work extremely well for a range of sectors including food, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical – with no pre-assembly required and able to maintain the chilled or frozen cold chain for a MINIMUM of 24hrs, these make a perfect replacement for the more traditional polystyrene and foam shipping systems!

It’s recently come to our attention that other companies are now also selling insulated box liners with some differences to ours – differences we feel makes them an inferior product, not least because they are not made from the same foil based laminate both inside and out as ours, so cannot maintain the same temperatures for either frozen or chilled products. Our bags have also all been extensively tested to ensure they meet with current legislations and to maintain the desired chilled or *frozen cold chain (*3D bags only) over a min. 24-hour period.

Whilst others make it sound good that their products ensure products can be chilled to temperatures as low as 0.6 degrees, it’s important to realise that this is not a refrigerated temperature; these range from +2 to +8, so keeping food or other products at this temp (or lower) is likely to partly freeze your products, and if nothing else will create wild temperature spikes as the temperature cannot be kept at a consistent level, which only demonstrates a lack of understanding of the cold chain.

Obviously, it depends on your needs, but the other side of the story is that the competitors bags are not double-sided foil, which therefore means they  cannot maintain chilled or frozen temperatures, as they have a much lower emissivity value (reflection & deflection of energy), so there is a risk of partly freezing chilled products initially only for them to defrost during transit – never a good combination!

We know it’s a big market and we know our bags perform to the highest standards; also, we have ensured they are completely waterproof, leak-proof and have a tamper-resistant self-seal closure system to prevent misuse in transit. We can fit up to 700 of our standard stock sizes on one pallet (so definitely better for storage and cost than other, alternative packaging systems), and with all the cushioning, protective qualities of bubble-wrap, we’re confident they’ll offer extremely high levels of product protection.

Remember, Hydropac are the only company that laminate and seal foil to both sides of the Bags, so if it Double Sided Foil, it isn’t Hydropac!

Want to know more? Our In House testing results for both 2D and 3D bags can be found here for those who like detail..


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