New Year, New Changes

Hydropac are going all out for the new year, with some big changes coming to our core product ranges! Exciting times ahead, so let’s go ahead and explore what’s happening in 2020!

Pharmapac® Expansion

Last year we invested significantly in our Pharmapac® offering with brand new products and an easier way for website users to select the systems that will work best for their needs.

Dubbed internally as the “Selector” page, we’ve received nothing but positive feedback for usability and ease of use since we revamped this area. Now we’re taking it to the next step, with not only our brand new Genesis™ system but also the merger of our Medipac® range into the Pharmapac® offering.

Bringing Pharmapac® and Medipac® together under the one core brand ensures our offering to customers requiring effective transport solutions for vaccines, medical products and pharma products is comprehensive and streamlined. This includes medical wholesalers, pharmacies, physiotherapists and holistic therapists in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and life science industries.

We will be completing this merger during February, with the website reflecting only the Pharmapac® brand to handle all temperature-controlled shipping options for medical products.

PharmaPac “Selector” options:

Pharmapac® Genesis™

Pharmapac - Genesis

Our latest product into the PharmaPac range, we’re very proud of its reception to date. It is our first ‘Pre-Qualified System’ (PQS/Validated) parcel shipper in the Pharmapac® range and was created with affordability and effectiveness in mind. As we always say, “effectiveness does not have to be at a cost”; this simple chilled packaging solution has more than performed for all the very worst-case temperature models, with all validations performed under strict conditions.

We currently offer 3 box sizes as standard, with another 2 sizes due to be added later this year.

Personalisation for the Nation

We have offered personalisation on different product ranges for many years; to date we even have our own Homepac® range of personalised cooling products for a range of different industries including retailers and promotional markets.

We have decided, to further streamline both our offering and the website, to merge the Homepac® area into all of our products, and will be removing this section in the next few weeks to make it clearer for all customers that we can personalise literally any product in our range.

No longer will personalisation will aimed at specific markets; all the customers in all the sectors we work with can take advantage of our ability to make products to different specifications without additional tooling costs!

We still welcome collaboration with anyone wishing to work with Hydropac to develop a unique offering; please contact us for further information.

Landline: 01494 530182

Sample Store overhaul

The Sample Store is also being overhauled. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how popular this area is, and we’re really pleased that it gives customers the chance to “try before they buy”.

To further simplify the process, we’re separating this into 3 areas; Ice Packs, Food and Pharma. This will help website users looking to order the right Sample for their needs funnel into the right area straight away.

Sample Store:

Streamlined Website

With all of these changes, expect to see a few changes in how the Hydropac website will look in a few weeks. We’ll be offering only 3 core ranges:

  • Hydropac® – Home to our core range of ice packs and soon to receive our new EnviroGel ice packs and compostable film – more about that to follow in another post. We’ll also be creating a new Selector page for this area.
  • Freshpac® – Only the very best in validated temperature-controlled shipping options for food retailers, offering both chilled and frozen shipping options. We will also be creating a “Selector” page for this range, to make selection easier and to ensure customers pick the right packaging every time!
  • Pharmapac® – Shipping options that offer confidence and reassurance to pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical companies for vaccines, medical products and pharma products. Latest product – the Genesis system, but more in the works!

You will also see our homepage become more tailored to incorporate these core ranges and product areas, with the aim always making things easier for our customers both old and new to navigate and find their way to the best packaging options for their needs!

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