Who needs to buy wrapping paper when you could use a Reflective Air Bag instead…

Here at Hydropac we’re all about reusing and recycling; 99% of our whole project range can be both reused or recycled safely and we intend to keep this at the forefront of everything we do in the future! We’re always amazed by how innovative people can be when we hear how our products have been reused – we recommend doing this if you can; some of the ways our Reflective Air Bags have been reused include:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

  • Insulating Animal Hutches/Beds – if it’s good enough for food, it’s good enough for your pets – or so we’ve heard!
  • Carpet underlay – yes, that’s right – the material used in the Reflective Air Bags is so good at providing a thermal barrier, it has been reused as underlay!
  • Lining food cupboards to keep heat and cold at bay – keeping more on trend with the intended use, some customers have reused our Air Bags to line their food cupboards to keep the elements at bay year-round!
  • Wrapping paper – different, but if you fancy a cool metallic sheen with both thermal and protective properties, then a reflective air bag or two will make an alternative wrapping paper for those hard to wrap gifts!

Of course, there are slightly more conventional uses than wrapping paper or underlay – the idea of using a reflective wrapping for temperature control has been well known for years, although ours do take it to the next level with their revolutionary design & waterproof/leakproof properties.

  • Actual/current market uses of reflective wrapping include:
    Used in lofts and outhouses as insulating material stapled across beams – so if this is something you need, one of our Reflective Air Bags could be the answer!
  • Used as a windscreen sun shield – simply open the bag up, join to several others and fasten to the inside of your windscreen to keep the sun at bay!
  • Lining in hot food bags – stop your hot breakfast going cold on the way to work by reusing one of our Air Bags as a hot food wrapper that can then be wiped off and reused!

Any more suggestions? We did hear of one person using one of our air bags to help with getting a good suntan, but we’re not quite sure how that works logistically – if that’s you – let us know in the comments!

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