Reuse Ideas for Thermal Postal Pockets

Our Thermal Postal Pockets are brilliant for shipping smaller orders of meat, fish and dairy products – they’re excellently insulated, tamper-proof and very strong! Available in different options for chilled or frozen goods and in 3 sizes, anyone looking for a low cost temperature controlled shipping solution for smaller orders would do well to start here.

However, we understand that once the pockets have successfully delivered their goods, they may no longer be needed for their original purpose (although they are reusable if desired to ship further food items on). As they are made of recyclable materials (LDPE, which can be recycled at some specialist recycling plants), this is an option, however there are other reuse options too.


Inherently, our Postal Pockets are outer packaging items, so it makes sense to reuse them in this way even if you don’t need them to send food items. Due to their interior cushioning, they give a high level of protection to any items inside. The tamper strip may not be reusable, however.

Packaging filler

In addition to being used as outer packaging, it would also be an idea to use Postal Pockets as internal packaging fillers. Their cushioning layers are useful to give protection inside an outer box, and they will also give a degree of thermal insulation to the contents inside.


As they contain a completely sealed and insulated chamber, they can be used as part of the insulation for places like rabbit hutches (on the outside so animals cannot reach them).

They can also be used to help insulate plants against the cold or wet, but would need a waterproof covering.

Lunch bags

They are ideal to be used as lunch bags, or inside a larger carrier to keep food items for lunches or picnics cool and temperate.

Can or drink insulation

Going with the lunch or picnic theme, they can be used to wrap around drinks or cans to keep them cool – they are made to be flexible, so a perfect fit.

Art projects

If you can’t think of anything else, why not use them as part of arts and crafts projects. They can be easily cut up or stuck down and provide a blank template for inspiration.

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