Reusing & Repurposing our Water Ice Packs

Hydropac reusing ice packs

We love our ice packs, there’s no two ways about it! They’ve been our core product since the business launched back in 2001 and in 2016 we produced over 15 million of them, a market leading feat if we’ve ever seen one! So, as you can imagine, we’ve poured a lot of care and attention into our ice pack offering (both gel and water), and not only have we seen our sales grow year-on-year, we’ve also seen the results come back in other, more creative ways.

For example – we had one of our clients come in the other day and mention in passing that one of their customers had opened one of our melted water ice packs and given it to the dog to drink. Given they are cleaner than tap water and as clean as bottled spring water, this is perfectly fine, and we are continually being surprised (and pleased) at how often our products are reused. (The dog thoroughly enjoyed such cool refreshment too, by all accounts!)

Other ways our water ice packs have been reused by end users include:

• The traditional way – refrozen for use in picnics and hampers on days out – as they maintain their frozen state for longer than others on the market, we find it’s very common for people to say they keep them by for reuse in this way.
• Once re-frozen, we have heard they’ve been wrapped in a towel and applied as an ice pack for strains and muscle injuries, as they remain malleable and flexible even in a frozen state.
• It’s not only humans who may benefit from the relief of a cool pack either – pets will welcome them in their beds or even on their fur (wrapped in a towel) to deliver some cooling action on a hot day or after a walk.
• Plants will also benefit as the packs can be cut open and the water used to give them a drink!

We’re very proud of reducing our carbon footprint by producing a product that can – and is – so readily reused. The best part perhaps is that the unique film that covers the water is 100% recyclable at plants that take LDPE4 plastics.

Our competitors can only produce gel ice packs that not made of pure water let alone hold such strong eco-credentials, we think this is worth boasting from the rooftops – so we are! Whether it’s an ice pack for keeping frozen food frozen, or for maintaining the temperature inside thermal packaging for drugs and vaccines – our ice packs have got it covered!

Full ice pack range

Our full range of ice packs can be found here: We stock water and gel versions in a wide range of sizes and pocket options, including pre-frozen ice packs that we ship on to you when a quick turnaround is required. The ultimate in convenience and reliability!

Also included in our Hydropac ice pack range are HydroFreeze+ and EasiFreeze – both completely non-toxic, safe alternative options to using dry ice.

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