Hydropac Impact on Charitable Causes

Environmental awareness and ethical trading are two key topics very dear to us at Hydropac; we may have “only” been around since 2001 but the time we’ve spent in business has instilled a very passionate interest in the reduction of waste, reuse/recycling, and also investing in people as part of our ongoing commitment to our green standards and ethical beliefs.

Hydropac was founded as a business that believes in giving back from the very start, and 21 years down the line this hasn’t changed – we’re just proud to say that, in that time, we’ve made a noticeable difference to both the environment and to various charities and individuals along the way!

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but charitable work is very important to everyone within our business; here are just some of the projects we’ve worked on over the past few years. Please note this post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated to include our most recent charitable works.

  • For Christmas 2022, we supported the Wycombe Homeless Connection Charity Christmas Raffle. The goal of this was to raise as many prizes as possible to support this charity and we raised a great total of £585 for this charity.
  • From 2015-2018, we sponsored a PhD student through Brunel University. This sponsorship engaged the student with a Hydropac bio-degradable packaging concept through theory, investigation, development and potential implementation.
  • This concept was then delivered to the Government run ‘Innovate UK’ scheme – Hydropac Ltd attained a high- level recommendation for funding, but unfortunately were not given priority against some other stiff competition. So, for now, the concept remains just that… The good news is that our student attained her PhD!
  • We have also hosted several 2-day project interventions focused around ‘Manufacturing Management’ for ‘Their Fellowship‘ at Cranfield University, educating students on the importance of Lean Manufacturing and materials management.
  • Our previous owner, Dave Baverstock, has sponsored several students from the local colleges and universities, engaging them with projects within Hydropac. These projects have been extremely rewarding on both sides.
  • Our other previous owner, Mike Collins, gave 3 months of his own personal time in the rain forests of Borneo with the charity Raleigh International, supporting and promoting youth development.
  • Mike and his brother have also have twice ridden the London to Paris Bike ride for the charities ‘Blood Wise’ and ‘Cure Leukaemia’, raising over £20k between them!
  • He has also spent a considerable amount of his time manning lines at the Samaritans.
  • Mike will always play down his charity work and would prefer we didn’t call attention to what he calls his “normal work”, despite donating his time and money to good causes – Mike puts us all to shame!

As 2023 approaches we want to do even more to support the environment and support charities/individuals – if you have a project you think would be a good fit, please do get in touch!

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