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If you’re a bit stuck as to the best packaging for your requirements, then we can help! We know how hard it can be to choose between the different types available, so just use our handy Packaging Finder to help you find your way to the perfect packaging for your needs!

Hydropac Packaging Finder
If you’re still pondering, then we need to know a bit more about you.

Do you…

  1. Need to send single/small loads, or multiple products/larger loads in each shipment?

If single/small, then you need packaging that will fulfil the need without taking up too much space. Unless you’re shipping something quite bulky or with sharp edges, then it sounds like our Postal Pockets will do the trick!

These are a great low-cost system for smaller orders and come in 3 sizes (S/M/L). They are suitable for sending both fresh and frozen produce with a suitable ice pack inside. Typically used for the safe shipment of drugs, vaccines or drinks, these are made with food grade insulation and are 100% recyclable. Fully sealed with no visible edge, they also have a unique self-sealing strip for additional anti-tamper properties. They can be stored flat and require no assembly before use.

If you need to send multiple products or larger items, then you’ll need something like our Insulated Shipping Systems. These come in 2 core components which can be purchased separately or as a complete system; the rigid cardboard outer box and an insulating inner liner, of which we have 2 types; Reflective Airbags or Polystyrene Boxes. For chilled or frozen deliveries, suitable ice packs/trays will also need to be used to maintain the temperature inside.

Using a complete shipping system takes away any need to buy in separate products from different suppliers, and provides a safe, cushioned, strong & temperature controlled solution to sending multiple products via the courier network.

When deciding which inner liner to use, this again depends on your needs.

Our new and innovative Reflective Air Bags/Liners are a great space saving solution as they can be stored flat and require no assembly; we offer 2 types, 2D & 3D depending on what it is you need to pack. These come in a range of sizes with 2D being “one size fits all” and 3D in 4 standard sizes to fit our different box sizes. They are 100% recyclable & reusable and will certainly reduce your storage and transit costs; as a direct comparison, they are 92% more space efficient than the equivalent number of Polystyrene boxes when stacked onto a typical sized lorry.

Polyboxes v Liners Comparison

Polystyrene / Foam liners – If you prefer this option, we have worked hard to make these as efficient as possible and our EPS range, whilst representing the traditional polystyrene shipper known and loved by many distributors, reaches the next level in that we stock the largest range of sizes available in the industry to suit most sizes of box. Our Black EPP range are stronger than the standard white EPS variant, meaning an extended reuse life, and all are waterproof, leakproof and certified food contact safe.

  1. Need to present your end users with a short-term packaging option that they can transport their chilled/frozen goods home in (for example, chilled meat)?

If the answer to this is yes, then our Insulated Cool Bags are what you need. These make a great ‘bag for life’ alternative and can be branded with your logo to make them the packaging that keeps on performing for you, as well as your customer, long after they’ve left the shop. These are 100% recyclable, certified food grade safe and have an antibacterial coating that prevents up to 99.8% bacterial growth. Their waterproof and wipe clean for reuse properties make these a real winner, especially as they are available in a wide range of sizes with or without a gusset for expanded capacity.

  1. Do you want to ship chilled/frozen products with ice packs that you can guarantee are food grade safe?

Ice Packs have always been our core business and we are the largest producer of them in the UK. We manufacture them in-house so we know exactly what’s in them, and with 3 types available in a huge range of sizes, we can cater for your every ice pack need!

  • Our Water Ice Packs are the strongest, purest and cleanest on the market, that’s a fact. We send quality controlled samples of every single production run to an independent laboratory for testing, the results of which have found they are ‘safe for human consumption’ – so whilst we wouldn’t recommend using them solely on that basis, we know that if they are ingested, they are perfectly safe. Water ice packs are malleable when freezing and as such can be wrapped around products to provide a close contact temperature if desired. These come clear as standard and we find this gives extra peace of mind as to the pureness of the water inside. They will not stick together when frozen and we can colour them to your spec if preferred.
  • Our Gel Ice Packs use a phase gel formula mixed with the highly purified water as used in our Water Ice Packs to give an ice pack that is remains in more of a uniform shape when frozen. These are great if you need them to lie flat, but they are harder to manipulate during the freezing process. These are blue to signify the difference easily between these and the water ice packs.
  • Finally, our Hydro-Freeze Ice Packs have been specially formulated for use with frozen food. They are a safer alternative than traditional dry-ice and need to be frozen at or below -22 °C to activate the specially engineered phase change liquid inside, that has been once again mixed with our highly purified water.

All variants of our ice packs are:

  • FSA & FDA compliant
  • Available in freezer & courier boxes, depending on the quantities you need
  • Available in a range of sizes from 1 pocket upwards
  • Branded with our logo to give additional reassurance to your end users as to the quality of the product
  • Fully customisable with your logo if desired
  • Burst strength tested to over 200kg
  • Subject to a 6-stage filtration process and UV light sterilisation
  • Subject to independent testing from every single production run
  • Filled to capacity using our own “Seal through Liquid” technology

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our products further, please give us a call on 01494 530182