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Validated Ice Packs: Quality, Performance & Confidence for Temperature Controlled Shipping

Hydropac Ice Packs showcase 2021We have looked at each of our Ice Packs in depth before (see links below); over time, this range has expanded to include gel, water and eco-friendly options. This creates the current Freshpac range of ice packs that we are so proud of (although watch this space for future developments!)

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Features & Benefits of Hydropac Ice Packs

  • First and foremost, our range of ice packs offer enhanced performance over leading competing brands. They typically last longer, they are stronger, and they are made with the utmost care in mind of eco-factors.
  • With the exception of the Pharmapac® 750g Gel Ice Pack, all of our ice packs can be used with our Freshpac temperature controlled shipping systems.
  • We offer options for every need: convenience, performance, eco-friendly, compostable, recyclable, non-toxic….the list is endless!
  • Pre-Frozen Ice Packs are available in both water and gel options; 500g 1 pocket packs sent in a box of 40.
  • Our Water and Gel ice packs come in two different transport options; Freezer Trays for larger orders, and Courier Boxes for smaller orders (min run 2 pallets).
  • Hydro-Freeze is a safe alternative to Dry Ice, as it is not classed as hazardous goods.
  • All of our ice packs are customisable with your own branding or message (min run 2 pallets) and come with our branding and eco messages as standard to give your end customers confidence in your supplier.
  • The contents of our Water Ice Packs are so pure that they are as good as drinking water. They can be emptied and the water within used to water plants, feed animals, even drink if you like (although may taste a bit flat). This is down to our 6 stage filtration process and UV light treatment which is standard across the range.
  • Enviro-Gel is also safe to pour away down the drains (but not our standard gel formula).
  • All ice packs are certified food contact safe

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