Pharmapac Silver Shield 24

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Hydropac have extensively developed and tested a range of products under the Pharmapac brand. The ‘Silver Shield-24’ range targets Pharmacies and contract packers with a simplified but validated range of products, in a limited number of sizes.

The Silver Shield-24 range has been rigorously tested in our own laboratory, under constant and extreme temperature conditions mirroring all seasons, developed for the very worst-case transit scenarios, as opposed to the often ‘over used’ soft fluctuating temperature profiles, with peaks and troughs throughout the day, serving only to misrepresent true performance.

NB. Please note this product requires a PharmaPac® 750g Ice pack. Find out more.
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What is the Silver Shield 24?

This is a revolutionary new system developed with the primary aim to be a simple, easy assembly, Lightweight, low storage impact and low-cost Thermal Shipper System, aimed primarily; but not limited to, Pharmacies and Contract Packers shipping Temperature Sensitive Products within a defined 24hr transit network.

How Does Silver Shield Work?

The Silver Shield is a simple system, providing the user with an outer Silver Shield (Leak Resistant) using heavy grade Double Bubble LDPE trapped air bubbles, sandwiched between a foil-based MPET laminate (Inside & Out), providing an extraordinary level of protection through energy reflection (emissivity) and Insulation (trapped air bubbles). 

Inside which, you will place your products inside an additionally supplied Silver Shield, which has apertures designed within, allowing for appropriate air flow to occur, enhancing the cold chain solution.

Our Pharmapac® Grade 750g Ice Packs (Once Frozen) should then be proportionately placed on top of the inner shield containing the products. The system can then be neatly closed and sealed using the self-seal closure system

How does Silver Shield Perform?

The extreme testing format we have designed our products to withstand, is not only set to become legislation, but this ensures that Pharmapac® packaging systems will protect your temperature sensitive products in the very worst-case transit scenarios, ensuring your assets arrive; without deviation, at the correct temperature window of +2˚c to +8˚c degrees within a minimum 24hr transit time.

The Pharmapac® range will be tested to constant temperature profiles (10˚c / 20˚c / 25˚c / 30˚c).

What Sizes are Silver Shield Available in?

Silver Shield will eventually be available in 3 standard box sizes, comprising of a Double Strength White Corrugated Box, with safe handling safety symbols printed on the short side, An outer Silver Shield and an inner Silver Shield for asset protection (Pharmapac® Ice Packs purchased separately)

  1. Box 101 – ID: 350 x 190 x 100mm
  2. Box 02 – ID: 400 x 270 x 160mm
  3. Box 06 – ID: 400 x 270 x 260mm

How Many Pharmapac® Ice Packs do I need?

The Silver Shield – 24 Range requires use only of our Pharmapac® 750g Ice Packs manufactured using Pure Filtered and UV Treated Water; definitely no Gel here, in a Blue High Grade Puncture Resistant film.

We have put together, based on our extensive testing, the following chart for using our Pharmapac® 750g Ice Packs with the Silver Shield 24 system.

We must insist, that due to our unique production methods, we can only advocate use of our own ice packs, which entails producing our ice packs in a compact form to provide a more stable and prolonged energy release and absorption rate. Nobody makes Ice Packs like Hydropac®!

External Temperature Conditions
10°C 20°C 25°C 30°C
Box 101 1 2 2 3
Box 2 1 2 4 4
Box 6 2 3 6 6
No. of PharmaPac® 750g Ice Packs
Specification  Size 101 Size 02 Size 06
External Dimensions (mm) LxWxH  380 x 220 x 130  430 x 300 x 190  430 x 300 x 290 
Internal Product Space (mm) LxWxH  350 x 190 x 100  400 x 270 x 160  400 x 270 x 260 
Internal Payload Volume (Max Product Fill)  1.0 Ltr  2.8 Ltr  4.5 Ltr 
Tare Weight (kg) Without Passive Cooling  0.26kg  0.6kg  0.8kg 
Passive Cooling Medium Required (30˚C / 25˚C / 20˚C / 10˚C)  2.0kg / 1.5kg / 1.5kg / 500g  3.0kg / 3.0kg/ 2.25kg/ 750g  4.5kg / 4.5kg/ 2.2kg/ 1.5kg 
Duration Achieved Hrs (30˚C / 25˚C / 20˚C / 10˚C)  25hrs / 28hrs / 38hrs / 48hrs  28hrs / 36hrs / 39hrs / 48hrs  25hrs / 28hrs / 38hrs / 48hrs 
Pharmapac - Silver Shield 24 Datasheet Download Now