Product Showcase – Hydropac Water & Gel Ice Packs

Part of our core Hydropac range, our Water & Gel Ice Packs are available in both courier boxes and convenient recyclable freezer trays (sold as standard).

  • Courier boxes – perfect for smaller volume orders
  • Freezer trays – beneficial for high volume customers

HydroFreeze+™ & EasiFreeze™ are also available in Courier Boxes and Freezer Trays.

Freezer trays are more of a recent addition to our range, and they mean that the ice packs can be frozen in bulk on the pallet with no need to separate or move into different storage containers.

Neither of our Water or Gel Ice Packs will stick together and are flexible even when frozen.

  • Gel Packs come in 3 500g size options (1 pocket, 2 pockets or 8 pockets)
  • Water packs come as standard in whopping 16 size and weight options.

Strategically placed air-flow holes in the recyclable Freezer Trays, enable a uniform and quicker freeze right through to the centre of the pallet and give faster freeze times to the packs than a standard cardboard box!

Hydropac Water and Gel Ice Packs

Features & Benefits

  • Food contact safe – these have been through a 3 stage filtration process and UV sterilisation so are fully food contact safe and comply with/meet FSA and FDA standards.
  • Burst strength tested to over 200kg – you won’t find a stronger product and can pack your products reassured that these Ice Packs will keep them both cool and dry.
  • Completely recyclable after use – our unique material blend is 100% recyclable and these are also reusable, so can be re-frozen once thawed.
  • Fully customisable for a minimum of 2 pallets in your order (size dependant)! We do typically manufacture these in transparent material so you can see how pure our water/gel is, but if you would like another colour then please let us know.
  • Filled to capacity – our unique “Seal through Liquid” technology allows us to fill these ice packs to capacity, which turn means they will stay frozen for longer!


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